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Great Finds

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I LOVE me a good garage sale!
I don’t know where I got that gene from…I didn’t grow up garage saling at all. My mother is not a fan of rummaging through people’s trash.
However garage saling and auction going would probably be pretty close cousins and my Father is an avid auction goer…a collector of boxes of good deals:) However, I did not pick up that love. Mostly I don’t like auctions..they take time and I feel foolish not knowing what I’m doing or what the auctioneer is actually saying. So I just stick with Garage sales. It is a rush like non other.
I love to buy clothes, bags and shoes for my family. I have supplied my children with scooters, bikes and toys. Video games, TV’s and countless household items.I’m truly a sucker for furniture….But J is threatening if I buy any more he may open a consignment furniture store.
Sometimes I shop and find really amazing steals that I could never ever buy new for a fraction of the price.

And sometimes I really get lucky and find things I actually need.
Like last weekend.
I needed ball pants, a new helmet and a bat for my son.
I had been looking but wasn’t finding any sales…
Oh but guess what I found?
That’s right! All of the above for a grand total of $7.25
And then I found this…

My music man is playing in his spring concert…He has taught himself the guitar! I think he’s pretty good! But he had been using his dads big guitar and I found him a jr size one for $5! Nice!
And then I got this amazing steal…I have been looking for one of these for years! No one seems to want to part with theirs.
A BUNN!!!!! For $20! It is a happy time in my house! J and I LOVE coffee! And now we can have it instantly! How thrilling!

And…finally we have been having trouble with our racks rusting in our dishwasher. It looked horrid! So we were thinking we may just have to purchase a new one. Ours was only 8 years old. Stink!
Saturday morning J and I went out to look a little and came across a dishwasher just like ours. Except our exterior was in better shape but the racks in the slightly used one looked perfect! So for $5 we decided to buy it for the racks….
And they worked perfectly!!!
I Love that!!
I also have bought 3 tennis racquets over the course of a week and so last night we took the kids and had a family tennis night.
I think I’m gonna love that sport!
My back makes me feel a little old this morning but it was worth it!

If I could I would garage sale for a living. I would!
In fact I have started making some money on others people’s stuff.
If I can find name brand good clothes I take it to consignment where they in turn give me cash for my finds. It’s risky but I made $20 last week. ūüôā
That supports my coffee habit.
I know it’s not for everyone and frankly I’m kind of glad it’s not. That leaves better deals for the rest of us! ūüôā
As one of my fellow garage sale friends said…”there is something so invigorating about getting out each spring and digging through someone elses junk!” ūüôā


Rags to Riches

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I have been reading through Joshua. I had read the novella by Francine Rivers on Rahab which sparked my interest again to read the story from the Bible.

It is something! How God chose to redeem Rahab, a harlot.

He pulled her out of Jericho, grafted her into his chosen people,and then¬†of all things, positioned her into the ancestral line for his own¬†perfect son to come through. It’s astonishing!

Rahab is really no different then I am. Her sin no greater. Her suitcase of baggage just had a different label. My brand  may have covered it better but I had ugly sin in my heart just as she did. And without someone to save me from myself I would have died in my sins as the walls crumbled in around me.

Rags to Riches…. That’s what it is. A story of a slave¬†to sin who became an heir to the birthright of promise.

Is that your story?

Did you ever think of this?

If you have been¬†adopted into God’s family that’s what it is.

Just like the 2 men who came into the city saved Rahab from¬†impending death…¬†Jesus came for us. He came while we were still entrenched in our sin. While our eyes were blinded by our Jericho. He came in and rescued us.¬† Long before¬†time ¬†began he wrote his name on each¬†of our hearts.

Ephesians 1 (ESV)

3 All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ. 4 Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. 5 God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure. 6 So we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son.[b] 7 He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins. 8 He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding.

Adopted in.

No longer are we on the edge of the camp looking in. We are heirs to the throne.

Seriously! Does that make your heart skip? He didn’t have to do that! He didn’t have to save us! But in his Kindness and Mercy he did.

We all our people with a past. But God chose us to be people with a bright hope and a future.

Today I’m giddy about that!

He’s turned the story into a song. My heart sings back to him this praise today!

Flash Back

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The other day I uncovered  a treasure chest of old memories. It was not the kind that you might find on Antique Road Show but it was the sum of my childhood. The thing that I spent probably more time at than anything else.

I found my old paper dolls.

And I introduced little one to them.

Like Stella here…Awhh I loved Stella!

Or the Pork n Bean¬† Twins…

I remembered many of their names and some of the clothes as well.

Denim Deb…She was the whole package! I wanted to look just like Deb when I grew up. She had the prettiest clothes and Red hair you ever did see!

The Gingham sisters in their petticoats.

You will notice many of the dolls had neck issues. Many of them had already been decapitated because of weak necks. So most wore braces to support the spinal column. Tape worked beautifully for that.

The Sunshine Family. The baby was my favorite. I had both sets of sunshine families. African-American¬†and Caucasian. I can’t seem to find the granny from the White Family…May she rest in peace.

It was a warm feeling. Not the kind that makes you worry you may have wet your pants but the kind that embraces you in a big envelope of a pleasant memory. The kind that makes you feel nostalgic and wish for one more day of childhood.

And as I watched little one play and sort and oooo and ahhhh I grinned. And when she took them and played with them for several hours I smiled in remembrance of how I would go off alone and play make believe. And I hoped that one day she will feel warm and child like when she uncovers her boxes of  by gone memories.

And she will have boxes…she’s a saver that one is. Even of questionable items such as straws and discarded gum wrappers. I hide¬†things from her… or she will pack it away as a treasure in some location. ūüôā I’m sure her sentimental streak comes straight from my gene pool. I have no question about that.

So I relive as I see her live out her childhood.

And I smile.

Finding the joy

Do you remember that old Sunday School Song….

I’ve got the joy joy joy joy

Down in my heart…

Recently I’ve been reflecting on joy.

Not happiness.

Not giddiness.

But a deep joy that absorbs me in peace and contentment.

While I know that God’s word is primary in bringing this about…

there are daily or weekly things that I can also do while I’m living here.

I have been challenged to take baby steps in this area.

Just the Simple things that can make all the difference in finding joy.

So I made a list.

1. I love to entertain.

To make my home a place where my loved ones can come and feel cared for. A place my children can bring friends. A warm atmosphere with nourishing food or party snacks.

2. I love to eat out with friends.

A group of people who share a love for one another. How refreshing to be with friends and have someone else cook and clean up for us. Only conversation on our mind.

3. Camping.

A time to reflect on nature and all God created. Quiet moments that allow for deeper thinking and rest.

4. Water.

I am not picky where this happens. A lake,a stream, pond, the shore. There is a peace that floods my soul as I sit looking at water, listening to it, breathing in the taste of it.

5. Music.

Nothing brings a smile to my face or tears down my cheeks faster then music. It is soul food for sure. God gave us music to enjoy. And it doesn’t matter if you can actually carry a tune or play an instrument….music speaks. And for me, playing is completely cathartic.

6. Coffee with a friend.

A cup of hot coffee with a friend is one of the soothing serums for my soul. It’s almost like those beans start talking and we can never shut off the flow…until the workers are turning off the lights or sweeping carpets, asking us if we still need our mugs.

7.Yummy smells.

There is something about smell that makes me feel nostalgic, hungry, or sometimes just relaxed and peaceful.

Mmmm….I smell Cinnamon rolls in the oven right now…Love!

8. A funny moment shared with someone I love.

Like a “remember when” story. Or a new little funny thing kids say or prayers they pray…Like last night the little one thanked God for showing her the difference between faith and love. I’m not sure what all that meant but he knows and it made me smile.

9. Creating.

Whether its a project, painting a room, giving an old piece of furniture a face lift,making a new recipe,writing a song, or a new blog post….these are all things that give me a sense of joy.

10. Prayer + Walk = Prayer walking

I have become a big fan of this method of exercise. Not only am I getting in a workout but pouring out concerns and Thanksgivings to God…especially when done with someone else is very Powerful.

If you see me walking and my lips are moving…I have not lost my mind…well, that’s not a guarantee but it is quite possibly true that I am speaking with my Father.(warning: You may not want to close your eyes for this method of prayer:)

Restoring the joy.

Going back to the simple pleasures that bring peace.

Making time for the things that bring refreshment to my soul.

Baby steps to joy.

Trying to live the thing out.

Making time in the chaos or sadness.

Do you have a list?

I wonder what it might be?

Maybe you could write it out….

And start taking your own baby steps to a joyful today.