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Hi my name is Rose.

Here are some things you may want to know about me.

  • I am 30 Something
  • I have 4 Children
  • 1 Husband…
  • For 17 + years
  • I love Jesus
  • And People
  • I write music and lyrics
  • I like to play Volleyball for fun
  • I think Chocolate and Coffee should be a food group
  • I like to take old things and fix em up.
  • I love my camera.

You must also know that I am a follower of Jesus.

I used to be an admirer of him…But I realized that even Judas admired him.

Beyond that I have discovered that my greatest joys can never be found until I have reached into the deepest darkest places of my soul, it is only there that I have been able to truly taste and see that the Lord is good.

In His upside down kingdom he blesses the Poor in spirit. The Meek. The Mourners. The Persecuted. The Forgotten. The Broken. The Merciful.

He has awakened me to  this…His favor is bestowed most obviously when I am at my weakest.

IT is the place where I found Rescue.

Out of  this comes the testimony of my life. I was lost but now I’m found.

My purpose in this life is to know Jesus and make Him known.

You are welcome here


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  1. Hey Rose,
    Wordpress! My hubby and I were just talking about this tonight! Would you be willing to tell me about WP vs Blogger? I know you had tons of readers in Blogger that are important to you…has it been a hard transition? What are the differences/advantages/etc? I am so desiring to take my blog to the next level, but just don’t know quite where to start.
    Did you attend Relevant this past year? I would like to go this year.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas!


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