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I’m breaking up with WordPress

It’s been almost a year since I relocated from my old blog over here to word press. I have weighed the options between the old and the new at different times. I really missed some features of my blogspot account but enjoyed some things about Word Press.

Today I was very disturbed when I realized there was a very awkward video advertisement playing on my site. After I contacted the server at Word Press and told them of my concern they replied I could upgrade and pay them $30 a year in order for them not to put any ads on my site.
I replied “I’m leaving Word Press”.

So Since I never shut down my blog at I am moving home to that site.

The address is exactly the same except for blogspot instead of wordpress.
I will leave this site up for a week and then I am canceling it all together.
If you wish to continue reading you may do so at //

Thanks for your patience and so sorry for any inappropriate material that was played!


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  1. Will you be transferring your old posts on WordPress over to your Blogspot site?
    ~Carol T

  2. Yes I am Carol. I am in process of moving all my old posts back to


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