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I am Blessed

We are entering the season that helps us pause to think about the bounty of the harvest. The history of our country.
Reflections on our blessings.

And I, Like you, feel blessed.

And I want to reflect on it because honestly it’s just too easy to see hard and injustice and forget about how my life has been blessed because of injustice.
I have not been treated as I deserve. And that my friends is something to be thankful for. For if it had not been for a merciful God, I would be far from him. If it had not been for his unconditional love I would be lost without hope.

So today I am thankful for an “unfair” God who doesn’t give me what I deserve.

And I’m also thankful for boys that are running around acting like baboons. Who challenge my rules. Who kiss me good morning and good night. Who make me laugh harder than anyone else. That means they can move their bodies, show compassion, have a funny bone and can think outside the box.
For girls that spill nail polish or ruin my stuff. Who giggle and talk too loudly with their friends. Who ask me questions about life and relationships. This shows me they are creative and carefree. They are developing friendships and learning how to relate.

I’m thankful for difficult people to love…because it makes me aware of how much I need Jesus. I can’t love them without his help. And He knows I have been difficult to love and still he loved me even to death.

I’m Thankful that he gives me this promise in Isaiah 43…. “WHEN I pass through the waters he will be With me. And WHEN I pass through the rivers they will NOT sweep over me. When I walk through the fire I will Not be burned.” The word When indicates we will all face high water and fire but He will be faithful to walk through it with us. That is indeed a high praise.

I am grateful for the love of my life who works hard for his family. And I’m grateful that I could have a disagreement with him yesterday after I came home from a funeral because that means he’s still here and alive and we could continue to practice forgiveness towards each other and I still had his warm feet to keep me cozy as I slept.

Today I am grateful for the harvest… For Apples and hot cider. Pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes with cinnamon and butter. For creamy mashed potatoes with some Sweet Corn. All blessings that come right from the earth.

I can’t help but feel lighter in my spirit as I think of all I have been given.
For shelter and food. For laughter and friends. For the Church and His Word.

When I start adding it all up it’s hard to stop.

Yes, there is no doubt, I indeed have been blessed.

Have you stopped to consider what your blessings are?

I’d love to hear how you feel blessed today.

~ On a side note…If an ad pops up here I did not post it and am a very unhappy wordpress blogger right now. I will most like go back to my old home in the next week. They seem to want to charge me if they don’t put ads on here. So I apologize for the inappropriate ad they had playing! ~ Rosyrose


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