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Something new

For I know the plans I have for you…

Plans to bring you a hope and a future

For you have brought me to a spacious place.

These are pictures of the land we purchased 4 1/2 years ago. We have been all over the chart on what we should do with it as we wait for our house to sell.
And now… Well it appears like using this land for our home may be a reality.

It’s a bit overwhelming and exciting at the same time! 
I can’t believe it…but I already have a dozen boxes packed! It’s gonna be a trip!

Meanwhile I have 29 more days to get my belongings together.

I have felt God’s hand strong during these past years and this  week he has just cracked me up as I watched him work.

If I am not blogging much the next  4 weeks you will know why. Thanks my dear friends.. you who have supported us through prayer and your sweet words of encouragement! You make life more exciting and I’m so glad I can share it with you! 

It’s always great knowing he goes before us… I have been singing this song the past 24 hours…

Learning to let him make the way has been a life long lesson for me.
 It continues… If he walks somewhere I didn’t plan to go I must be willing to drop my ideas for his.

When he isn’t moving as fast as I would like  I am learning to quiet my heart and smell the daisies while I wait.

While I am praying to be released from the dry and weary dessert I am learning to satisfy myself  in his word and refresh myself with his presence.

I have not learned it all yet… I’m still here so there’s more he wants to teach me.

I see it and I rejoice that he has put a song on my lips.

But today I especially rejoice that he has provided a way. 

And that time of waiting has passed.

It’s a new day and I’m going forth with him.


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  1. Rose! Your future building site looks glorious! So excited for you as you begin the journey of creating a new home, a new environment, and a new safe place for all your peeps! Have fun!


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