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I LOVE me a good garage sale!
I don’t know where I got that gene from…I didn’t grow up garage saling at all. My mother is not a fan of rummaging through people’s trash.
However garage saling and auction going would probably be pretty close cousins and my Father is an avid auction goer…a collector of boxes of good deals:) However, I did not pick up that love. Mostly I don’t like auctions..they take time and I feel foolish not knowing what I’m doing or what the auctioneer is actually saying. So I just stick with Garage sales. It is a rush like non other.
I love to buy clothes, bags and shoes for my family. I have supplied my children with scooters, bikes and toys. Video games, TV’s and countless household items.I’m truly a sucker for furniture….But J is threatening if I buy any more he may open a consignment furniture store.
Sometimes I shop and find really amazing steals that I could never ever buy new for a fraction of the price.

And sometimes I really get lucky and find things I actually need.
Like last weekend.
I needed ball pants, a new helmet and a bat for my son.
I had been looking but wasn’t finding any sales…
Oh but guess what I found?
That’s right! All of the above for a grand total of $7.25
And then I found this…

My music man is playing in his spring concert…He has taught himself the guitar! I think he’s pretty good! But he had been using his dads big guitar and I found him a jr size one for $5! Nice!
And then I got this amazing steal…I have been looking for one of these for years! No one seems to want to part with theirs.
A BUNN!!!!! For $20! It is a happy time in my house! J and I LOVE coffee! And now we can have it instantly! How thrilling!

And…finally we have been having trouble with our racks rusting in our dishwasher. It looked horrid! So we were thinking we may just have to purchase a new one. Ours was only 8 years old. Stink!
Saturday morning J and I went out to look a little and came across a dishwasher just like ours. Except our exterior was in better shape but the racks in the slightly used one looked perfect! So for $5 we decided to buy it for the racks….
And they worked perfectly!!!
I Love that!!
I also have bought 3 tennis racquets over the course of a week and so last night we took the kids and had a family tennis night.
I think I’m gonna love that sport!
My back makes me feel a little old this morning but it was worth it!

If I could I would garage sale for a living. I would!
In fact I have started making some money on others people’s stuff.
If I can find name brand good clothes I take it to consignment where they in turn give me cash for my finds. It’s risky but I made $20 last week. 🙂
That supports my coffee habit.
I know it’s not for everyone and frankly I’m kind of glad it’s not. That leaves better deals for the rest of us! 🙂
As one of my fellow garage sale friends said…”there is something so invigorating about getting out each spring and digging through someone elses junk!” 🙂


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  1. I LOVE garage sales too!! The Bun coffee maker was a steal and something I would also LOVE to find~ I’ve been looking! Great job on all your bargains!

  2. I use to garage sale A LOT when I was teaching to try to find things for my classroom…good books, cozy furniture, decorations to make my classroom look cozy. I loved it and it saved me a lot of money. I remember a few times hitting garage sales that actually had TEACHING SUPPLIES in them…I was like a kid in a candy store!! I remember feeling like I wanted to put my arms out to banish anyone else from looking at the teaching items before I got to them!! Ha!!!!!

    Now I occasionally garage sale…I do enjoy it, but I think what I enjoy more is spending time with Eva and Jaden while doing it. They both love it!!! So often on Friday afternoons after we pick Eva up from school (she’s only in half day) we end up hitting a few garage sales!!

    Love your posts sweet friend!! The Bunn coffee maker was quite the find!

  3. It’s amazing what some people call junk and others find the perfect fit.

    Actually, God thinks we’re pretty amazing too


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