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Its a matter of life and death

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There has  been a lot of talk lately about hell.
In fact….I have heard more on this subject in the past 3 months than I had in a long time.

A particular book came out and so did all the chatter about it.

I really like what Author, Pastor, Francis Chan has to say in this clip.

Understanding we are but clay. God’s ways are so much higher than mine.
His thoughts are not my thoughts.
He is superior to me in every way….so why do I think I would be smart enough to rewrite what he has spoken?
How can I the created being tell the creator what he should do?

If I am telling you a story but leave out certain facts on purpose to give you a different picture of the truth I am telling you a lie….

So too, If I, am only telling you part of God’s revealed Word leaving out the hard parts, or perhaps redefining the terms, I am being dishonest in the way I handle His very important message.

How are we discussing this subject…I’m guessing your circles have been talking about it as well.

  • I must do it with a humble spirit. Being careful not  to become sarcastic with those I disagree with.
  • Asking God to reveal himself to me as I search out his Word for the whole truth.
  • Maintaining that what God says is always the truth. But in the middle of telling his truth I must be loving.

 When we seek him with a humble heart he promises he will show up.

I’d love to hear what you think about this video.


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