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Springtime…I think it forgot me this year…

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I love Spring. It used to be my fav. But I’m sort of over it this year. My tulips which are normally dancing around right now are scared to peep their little heads out of hiding. One opened this morning but I think it may have just gone back into hiding. It is clearly not the sunniest or warmest spring. So one day we shall wake up….AND BOOM! It will be July 4th and we will have heat.
We have never gone away over spring break. We may leave for a few days but it’s not a good time for us to leave. Especially since Jason’s spring break doesn’t fall on that week. Which by the way… I am going to take this opportunity to brag on him…He just finished an entire year of Greek. Have you ever looked at the Greek language? Well, let’s just say it looks like Greek! This Genius of mine just got an A on the entire class! O My! If you know how many times he said he was going to give up you would understand how exciting it is to be on this side of the class!
So while he was finishing up finals and Malaina was in New York City with Show Choir… Me and the other 3 were trying to be happy for everyone who was in warmer places. We would practice saying, “Good for you”. A hundred times a day. 🙂
So after a very non exciting week I got a text from my sister who happened to be in one of those places…”I am extending my stay through next week….You wanna come?” Are you kidding me? Yes Please! I will be on the next plane.

So 4 days later I hopped right on that plane and flew down to stay with her for 5 days! What a treat! It was hot. There was nothing to do but enjoy the Sun…Who frankly I had to reintroduce  myself with because of lack of it in the North. I had a little visit with Mr Sun and begged him to stop ignoring us up North. I encouraged him that we will applaud him if he ever decides to show up. But so far…No luck.

We sat in the sand day after day. Taking in the smell and watching the people walk past. It was splendid!

And then in the evening we didn’t cook! Wow!

I had Breakfast with my Beautiful friend Heather who lives here…

Her heart matches her face.
We spent time with Our Aunt Fran and Uncle Wayne. They took us to see the Sun set one night. It was beautiful.

With all of that beauty I was still so ready to get back to see the sweet faces that stayed behind. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder! But it was a nice break in the middle of a dreary spring.
Thanks Cindy for inviting me! I had a wonderful time.
Thanks Jason for encouraging me to go! You are selfless and generous!
Thank you God for granting me safe travels and for smiling your sunny face on me! 🙂
Spring will come sometime.

I keep hoping today will be the day!


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  1. Melissa Blosser

    How nice! Sounds and looks like you had a great time! 🙂

  2. You look so happy in these pictures! Happy to be in the warmth!


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