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You had me at Hello….

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Jason and I spent 36 hours rekindling the flame…. I love that we can be alone together and still have so much fun. We kind of get each others humor. That helps!

He came home with a surprise of 17(actually 24 cause its cheaper by the dozen:)))roses.

So I packed up a couple of snacks for the road.

And left a couple of kisses for the people we were leaving behind.

And we hit the road. Straight to Chicago we drove getting there and driving through the city was a blast!

Us country folk don’t get out much so we just gawked at the city slickers in their black suits, ties and well other things…This I know….If you wear any other color coat we will be able to spot you as a probable tourist. If you’re smiling and laughing to another person who is also wearing another color we will know with 90% certainty that you are indeed visiting the city. If you motion for a vehicle to move in front of you in line you ARE without  a doubt an out of towner.
We ate at the melting pot for dinner. It was a delish and an event all in itself. We spent 3 hours…dipping and eating.

And the next morning we ate at egglegtic cafe. A yummy little joint in Shaumburg.

Serious food here! So we split one stinkin meal.

And  this is the where the story gets good….

We went to IKEA with the intention of picking out a bed.

 Last summer we had been at IKEA and picked out a bed we liked. So we went down to the bins and picked out our bed. Jason got straps and cords to try to fasten it to the top of our van. After spending 3 hours in the store and 45 minutes loading we were ready to leave except my receipt just seemed too high. So I checked it closer and found we had actually purchased 2 beds and neither of them was the correct bed we were after….GRRRR! We unfastened everything and returned the beds with the promise that we would go get one in a few weeks. That was in August. We never made it back. But now I know why.

So on  this day, we walked through the gigantic warehouse finding the exact #’s this time. After 4 hours we finally reached the basement where we would search for the right bin…but decided to walk through “scratch and dent” first. Well that is like a paradise for J and I.

I find. He fixes. Perfect!

And find we did. In fact we found a head-board and foot board of the bed we were planning to purchase at the bargain price of $200. Except in the scratch and dent section they were $10 A PIECE!!!

One catch…It was a king head-board. And we have  a queen mattress.

Well after some thinking about how that would work and if it would be possible to do MR. Fix it said. “Yep I think I can!”

And when that happens I suddenly hear angles singing and flowers opening their blossoms right there in front of me. It was glorious I tell you! Glorious!

We got home on Saturday evening just in time for him to spend an hour or so cutting it to size. We slept in it yet that night!

Happy Dance! And that rug? $20 as well! It was such fun!

I think God may have been smiling on us this day. It sure felt like it!

What a gracious Father who brought us together and has held us together through many valleys and mountain tops.

 I love so much about you!  I love the way you father our children and nurture me. You are serious but not too serious. I like the well balanced approach you take to life. And how easy you are to talk to. I love your inventive mind that always thinks outside the box.You forgive as fast as anyone I know. I thank my God for you!

And you know what?

You had me at Hello!


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  1. Heather Gingerich

    OH THAT IS SO AWESOME Rose!!! I love that set!!! Amazing!!!! Did you get new bedding too??? Because I luv’ dat too!!! so cool. At $20 for a bed, you could get all kinds of extra treats?? Looks like one treat is a matching shirt to me 🙂 🙂 It looks nice on you. Can we match some night??? Let’s plan it!

    • Oh yes! Did you go get it too? That is amazing!
      I know it makes me want to take a weekly trip up there just to see what other bargins I could find:) Since
      You’re the one with free gas maybe I could catch a ride with you funny girl!

  2. What a great time, Rose!!! Love the new $20 bed…hello!!?!? That is amazing.


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