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Butcher’s make great friends!

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I don’t choose my friends based on their occupation.  So please don’t judge me if I tell you there are perks to having a friend who has his own meat counter.

I mean at all church camp out’s he comes through with the meat. (Although he did seem to grill about the time I was headed to the camper for bed…Male bonding over Steak)

But yesterday his sweet wife dropped off 6 beautiful pieces of steak…just for kicks!

 How’s that for a little treat?

We Love steak!! But hardly ever do I buy it. So our children were ecstatic!  They made exclamations like…

“It’s like  a celebration”! And “Wow! That was the best meal I had since Sunday!” (which made me ask what was wrong with the homemade pizza I had put together last evening) 🙂

And then just to top them off I made these little goodies…


I have just recently acquired a recipe that I am loving! It’s crepes with pudding in the middle and pie filling on top.

So I made some crepes. Whipped 8 oz cream cheese and chocolate pudding. Then I folded in a tub of whip cream. I topped it with strawberry topping. And a touch of shaved chocolate. Oh Ho Ho! 
Thanks so Much Harold and Ileen! It was fabulous!


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