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It’s not about me.

I have been reading Max Lucado’s book…It’s not  about Me.
I know this is an earth shattering statement for some.
For others of us we know the words are true but they get in the way of our reality. So while we know it’s not all about us…we have a strong urge to live like it is.

One of his quotes is “if you think it’s all about you…and I think it’s all about me, we have no hope for a melody.”
When I think I’m the center of the universe I am more likely to live my life with expectations of others that they cannot meet. I will try to manipulate and control them. Because of course, I am at the center. I will selfishly relate everything to myself…how will this affect me? I only think of my own happiness..with no thought of how my choices affect others. I will lift myself up and push others down because they need to know I am the center, they are secondary.

I, in essence become my own Star. Full of self promotion and entitlement.

But believe it or not, it wears us out to be the pivotal force in the universe. We weren’t created to be this nor do we have the capacity to maintain it.

We were created to be more like the moon, is what Max writes.

What is the moon’s job?
The moon doesn’t get angry because it’s not the famous star of the show. It’s the secondary light. And it’s the job of the moon to reflect the sun.
I just wonder what may happen if we accepted moon status. If we would be happy, like the moon, to exist, to reflect the sun. People step on the moon. It doesn’t yell at them. It just continues to reflect the sun.

“God does not exist to make a big deal out of us, we exist to make a big deal out of him.”- Max Lucado

Perspective of this is key. God is committed to his own glory. Scripture is full of him. His Holiness, Bigness, Excellence, Beauty, Majesty, Love, Justice, Grace and Glory….The Earth is Full of His Glory!

Is that because God has an ego? Did he create us so he would have an audience to applaud him?

No, God wants us to recognize our position before him because he knows we weren’t created to be the star of the show. WE will need him to make it through. So he communicates to us that we can relax. Take a break. Rest in him.
He is HUGE!

If we were drowning and needed a lifeboat would we not want the captain of the ship to shine the light, hailing he is here. Proclaiming he can and will save us. Wouldn’t we want to know that he is as big as God is?~Lucado

Yes thank you! I do want to know that.

My mind keeps churning with this thought… If our thinking would change from
“my rights” “My life” “My pleasure”, to this, I exist to reflect him.

We. Would. Live. Life. differently. Not as victims. But how Jesus lived.
Joyfully participating in reflecting the Son. He did not live his life for his own sake but to bring glory to the Father. I may flinch when a rock is thrown at me, but my purpose here is not to stay in a fetal position licking my wound…my purpose is to bring God glory. In joy and pain…point to him.

I don’t have to make sure everyone is treating me like the Sun, because really… I’m the moon.

We can be replaced. If we aren’t faithful to the assignment he gave us, He will use someone to do it. He loves us. But the orbit isn’t revolving around us.

It’s really not about us at all.


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  1. Heather Gingerich

    I love that last statement the best. “We can be replaced. If we aren’t faithful to the assignment he gave us, He will use someone to do it. He loves us. But the orbit isn’t revolving around us.”

    I think that book sounds like a great read! Thanks for the reminder. You challenge me, and I love that.

  2. Oh, how I needed to read that this morning! I’ve been whining (to myself), wondering why hubby isn’t doing X or Y for me. Ahhh…..I need to be more moon-like! Thank you so much for the wise reminder.

  3. Wow. I just found myself trying to control a situation this morning. Saying I needed to hear this is an understatement. I want to be like the moon. By the grace of God…I will.


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