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Christmas and New Year festivities…

What a relaxing Christmas break!

Here are some things we did over the past 2 weeks.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent with my extended family.

Sledding down the hill…

Micah and Landon

Dale is always Amazed by the gift he receives!

The Kids are multiplying….. Not from having more babies….Other ways….Multiplying.

We Had Lots of Family time.

We built gingerbread houses

And played games…Eucher,Golf,Rook,I doubt it, Take 1…. BOWLING.

We had brunch with some of our dear friends…

Jacob, Kelsey and Malaina

J and I got free tickets  to a Notre Dame Game.

And had Waaaay too many Good things to eat!

This was a new dip I made...I will be sharing it with you in another post

New Year's Eve Party

We stayed up like kids on New Year’s Eve…What a blast! 

Sophie, Kaliee,Jack and Sam

5 Seconds to go....

Happy New Year!

To celebrate I tried to make a new dessert….

YUMMO! Jason was more than happy to find a new use for his torch!

It was great..and tomorrow it all ends.

But part of me is glad to have a normal routine again. Although I will miss having Sunday every day!



I do have a  house-warming gift for one of you so come back on Tuesday for my give away!




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