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Smashed Garlic red potatoes

Do you like comfort food?

Mmm yum!

I made this dish this week. I combined several recipes and made this.

Smashed garlic red potatoes.

I took about 7 medium red potatoes and microwaved them for 11 minutes.

Then I took some of the red peelings off. I took my potato masher and smashed them up.

While I was cooking the potatoes I had taken a garlic clove cut off the top and wrapped it in foil. I baked it for 1/2 hour at 350.

It becomes really soft and sweet. I then used two of these cloves and mashed it into my potatoes.
I added a 1/4 stick of butter and 1/2 cup of sour cream.

Season with salt and pepper, spoon into a baking dish.

Cut several more pieces of butter and lay on top. I baked it at 350 for 15 minutes or until it was hot and bubbly.

Serve it with little meatloaves and bread.
**Next week I will be giving away some homemade Carmel’s and on the 23rd I will be a guest blogger on the
in courage website. So come back and see me then!
Have a wonderful weekend friends!


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  1. Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.comHi, RosyRose! Thank you for introducing me to your blog. You have a beautiful ministry to the Lord. Keep up the Good Work! Merry Christmas!


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