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Cow Worship

Are you familiar with the story of the trendy cow worship?

You know what I’m talking about don’t you? The story that started with a Dramatic Exodus from Egypt that involved cinematic like drama, including a miraculous march out of the city, to the waters of the Red Sea being drawn back as a curtain. A people whom God had chosen were now in the desert awaiting his next word. And while they waited they grew bored. Frankly God just didn’t seem very close any longer. And he was busy up on the mountain with their leader, dreaming up some rules for them to follow.

So, they decided to throw a little party and have a little excitement. If God wasn’t going to give them anything more maybe this would give them a high.

And as their leader, Moses came down that mountain, and saw them worshiping a cow, he was furious! These people who had just seen the astounding work of God’s hand betraying him to this..this cow!

I haven’t been worshiping any cows lately. I mean it’s not really my thing, but the principle of this story cannot be missed.

These people, who were bored, became people who followed what they had seen done all their lives back in Egypt. This is apparently what the “cool, popular, trendy” people of the day did to socially fit in. And they thought in order to have a good party one must follow the trends.

Sometimes I look around and wonder if we have been sucked into the practice of trendy cow worship. I wonder if God must look at his people and say sadly, “I want so much to be near to you but I cannot because you are too busy with your own forms of worship”.

Have I made God a product? Does he need to perform certain acts before I worship? Do I make him only an object that I run to in crisis? How have I turned to other gods when he doesn’t act instantly on my behalf? Do I need to understand God in order to give my life in full obedience?

It makes the cow worship seem a little shallow.

I think instead this should be my focus.

I worship God every day because He alone deserves it.
I worship God Not because he serves me or gives me what I want.
I worship him in the good and the bad because I have come to trust him.
I worship him because I have a relationship with him.
I worship God in a way that is not always fashionable and may be misunderstood.

The question that keeps coming to my mind is this.
If I worship a god I can fully understand, is it really God?
In other words, figuring out God’s way is like a squirrel figuring out ours.

Maybe we need to spend less time watching what’s going on in Egypt and focus on the God who delivered us from it.


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  1. This is a great post! I agree! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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