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My hope is Built on Nothing Less

I have a hope.

A hope that does not lie in..

My reputation.

My bank account.

My children’s behavior.

My cooking.

The Government.

The size of my house.

My fingers that play the piano.

The amount of clothes in my closet.

How crafty I am(or am not).

Someone Else’s praise.

How many friends I have.

My job.

My abilities.

My health.

My intellect.

The cleanliness of my house.

Whether I get to see my grand kids someday.

What my scale says.

What I get for Christmas.

Where I live.

How my retirement fund looks.

How many people listen when I talk or write.

So if this is not where my hope lies…..

Then Why do I make these things so important?

If we believe that God is who he says he is,

If we believe that He has given us a hope and a future,

If we trust that he is Large and In Charge.

Why do we spend much of our days talking, thinking and living as if he’s not?

Today I will commit to:

  • Take every thought captive.
  • Live for an audience of one.
  • Grow in Grace and the knowledge of my Father and the plans he has for me.
  • Give my life in complete obedience to him.

On Christ the Solid Rock I stand…All other ground is sinking sand.

All other ground is sinking sand.</


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  1. Great post, Rose! I say the same things, but I am always insecure when my children misbehave, so that point stood right out to me. I am trying to commit to the same points as you–why do I make it so hard?


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