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So long…

Do you remember I told you that DaySpring paid for my way to the Deeper Still Conference?


It’s Friday and I am more than a little bit EXCITED!!

I will be flying with my Beth Moore Study ladies. πŸ™‚

… at 5:30 am. Ugghhh.

Flash Back of Black Friday!

I got an email yesterday from my new friends at DaySpring telling me that they have some spots near the front saved for us!

That’s right!

Right up there in the spit zone.

So I may be gone for a bit….but I’m sure you will see pictures upon my return! Maybe even one with my new BFF…I mean Beth. πŸ™‚

Either way I know God is going to speak….I want to be prepared to hear!

Pray for us.

And for our families. My little one is telling me of her disappointment in my choice to leave them a whole weekend.

I feel her love!

Well…Until next week.


Ta Ta!


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  1. So glad you were there!


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