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Haggai part 2

Here’s a weekend update before I get to the last part of Haggai…
We had an extra day with the kids this weekend. It was wonderful but still didn’t last long enough.:(
I just love when we get to veg out with them…and then go on bike rides

and laugh at their funny ways.
My main man had a birthday yesterday as well. So we celebrated him good and proper!
He built a fire and we ate stew, apple salad and homemade bread as we sat by the fire. It was cozy and so sweet as our children spontaneously started telling him what they love about him. We have done this tradition for years and it was so neat to see my oldest son start the praise fest about his father. They love him cause he works hard and plays games and loves them and teaches them how to do handy jobs and that he doesn’t just let them “rot” in front of the TV. 

I told him and will say it again… After a year like we have had I am more grateful than ever for the strength of his character . For the man that I have seen him become. He is a strong Oak.

And I am thankful to partner in ministry with him!

Now on to Haggai…
In Haggai Chapter 2 the people have been working but God is coming along side them giving them a little pep talk.
He tells the leaders “Be Strong”. (Or courageous) I am with you.
And then He says to the people.. “Be strong and work. For I am with you”.
He encourages them saying “I did not forget my covenant, my Spirit is among you…Do not fear”.
The former temple was so beautiful how could they ever make it that way again?
And Solomon was very gifted, the wisest man that ever lived.
How in the world could they restore the temple to the same grandeur?

How does that apply to us?

Do you ever feel like a shadow?
Like a no name.
Or a wanna be?

When we focus on other people, their talents and gifting, the ones who appear to have received the big box at the gift receiving ceremony … you know.. the one we wonder if we missed the invite to?
It is tempting to look at our own little square box and feel disappointed.
Maybe our own pride prohibits us from using that seemingly tiny gift.
We justify our actions by saying…
Someone else could do it better.
Nobody will notice my contribution.
Or maybe..
If I offer my gift, it may be rejected. ..And what will I do with that?
God says…
I do notice.
And even if someone may appear to have a larger gift, your gift if given fully is exactly what I require of you.
He never rejects a gift that is given completely and honestly.
The passage says.. “ The desired of all nations will come and fill this temple with glory. And it will be much greater than the former”.
While this is a prophecy of Jesus coming it can also be applied to us today.

The application we can make is this:

We each have a temple. He calls our bodies his temple.
God tells us that he cannot bless a life of halfhearted living.
We must give him everything.
Make him the priority.
Giving our gift big or small.
When we invite him into our temples he cleans up the stench, he wipes clean the past and he makes Himself glorious through us.
And it is far more glorious then it was before.

So it doesn’t really matter what gift we have been given.
If he chose to give us a little gift then we better be faithful to use it.

Because Really…it’s not about the temples glory….
It’s about His.


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  1. If you ever teach a class or have an opportunity to speak somewhere – I WANT TO COME! You must let us all know when that opportunity comes to you, and I think it will, so we can soak in the insights that God gives you. Quite inspiring!

  2. Love the new look of your blog! Very classy!


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