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Fall Break

So for the past couple of years some of our friends have been telling us that we really need to travel with them on our fall break.

Every year there is a group that goes camping at Turkey Run State Park.

But it’s kind of hard to get a spot so they book way back in the Spring.

We don’t typically plan to camp that far ahead.

Planning the month before would be more our speed.

So we never went along.

We knew that our priority this summer would be to spend lots of family time doing special things with our kids…


we said yes let’s do it.

And what a treat it was!

Honestly I never knew anything so beautiful could exist in Indiana.

We are not known for our canyons and rock climbing.

We are mostly known for corn fields, RV’s, Notre Dame, and the Amish.

None of which I would drive very far to stare at.

But we have more to offer my friends!

It was a hike like I’ve never taken…

Climbing steep rocks…

While I stayed pretty much to the trail,

Many in our group thought it was a little too dull to do that so…
We had a lot of this….

And I had to close my eyes numerous times as my sons wanted to try anything that smacked of danger and adventure.

We had quite a large group…

There were 10 families that pretty much hiked together…

And enjoyed all the beauty of autumn colors.

Look at all the offspring we produced!

Lots of chances to enjoy God’s handiwork.

Enjoy friends…

Some intense games..

And squeeze the ones I cherish most.

The weather was perfect with Golden sunshine during the day


Crisp, Full Moon nights.

What a wonderful memory~

But Monday?
Still doing laundry after 6 loads.
still…I would do it again!
It was well worth the Monday morning headache!
Maybe next year we could just put a sign up sheet at the post office and take the entire town along:0!!

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  1. Sign me up! I haven't been there in over 10 years. BK (that's before kids) Looks like lots of fun Rose. I enjoyed your beautiful pictures, what fun memories. 🙂


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