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Jalen’s 13!

My firstborn son is turning 13!

When I reflect over the first 13 years of your life I am reminded of grace.
My best pregnancy was with you, Jalen.

You were my easiest baby.

I remember the days before you were born…

I was very anxious what this would do to big sis. Our world was pretty small and she was pretty much at the center of it.
I worried that she would feel betrayed. That somehow whoever this new someone was….. they would rock her world.
But Jalen came to us gently.
I remember checking to see that you were indeed the boy that we were so elated to have.

And when we took you home from the hospital I couldn’t believe how welcoming your big sister was of you.

You slipped into routine within the first few weeks and were sleeping through the night by 6 weeks.

Jalen, you went the first year with very little fuss.

And then you got mobile. You would touch “no no’s” over and over…and then again.
You followed a girl who was pretty compliant and after such an easy start in life I figured you would be the same.

You had just turned 2 when little brother came along…

And there you were stuck right in the middle.

What I have always loved about you, Jalen is your smile.
Smiley, Smiley since very little.
You fly under the radar. Not an up front kind of guy.
You love mechanics(as in how things work) and you really love computers.
And you truly are sensitive. You have sharp conscience that doesn’t let you get by with much.
I must say having a boy in middle school is very different then having a girl.
Puberty hit this past year and your voice changed.
BOOM! Just like that!
But you’re still a boy in so many ways.
I love how you are developing a compassionate heart for those around you.
I love it when I hear you ask your little sister if she needs help.
I love when you tell Micah you’d like to play ball with him.
I love that you have actually become more free as you grow to give me hugs and kisses.
I love that you want to love God and serve him.
I love that you’ve got a sense of humor and are still the smiley boy.
I love that you read.
I love that you try to take more responsibility as you grow.
I love that you listen to me.
I love your quiet thoughtful questions.

My little boy is passing the threshold to young man and frankly…

I am scared about it on many levels.

I obviously have never had a young mans battle and I feel at times ill equipped to give you pointers on how to fight yours.

I want to encourage you to stand for truth.
To be the warrior you were meant to be.
To be honorable in all your relationships.
Showing special honor to females.

And this is my prayer for you…

My firstborn son,

You are a warrior and these are the ways you are meant to fight…
For Truth, Integrity, Purity, and Compassion.
You know I believe in you.
I Know you can do this.
It’s going to take effort and strength.

You can not be lazy in this battle.
You will have to work harder then you ever have before.
But I know you have what it takes!

Sometimes it will mean that you will be called names for the stand you take.
You may be made fun of and laughed at.
You may be told that it’s not as bad as you think.
Remember, you know the truth. The truth will always stand in the end.

Your teen years are actually very short compared to your life.
Remember your creator in the days of your youth.
Remember that you were his first and that in the end you will stand before him.

You have what it takes!
I am here to support you.
I am here to be your soft place to land.
I am here to help you through these waters.

I love you forever!
You always have a place in my heart!
And I am so thankful to call you my son!



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  1. Jalen impressed me Wednesday night. It almost took my breath away to see how tall and muscular this once small boy had become. Happy 13th Birthday Jalen. May you continue to feel God's presence as you enter your teenage years.


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