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4 carb meal

This community I live in is full of German descendants.

We obviously have been here for some years now but we still have our deep roots in Potatoes…I mean Germany.

We love our potatoes!
And Noodles!

When I was growing up it was very natural to serve two or three carbs at every meal.
It wasn’t until I was a teen that I had even heard of counting carbs.

What a crazy idea!

Last night I indulged my family with something they don’t get very often….

A 4 Carb meal.

That’s right!
Don’t think I do this every night.

But I was feeling the need to give them some good ol’ German comfort food.

Okay maybe the need came from the fact that I know I’m going to get lots of “kiss for the cook” kisses…. And lots of I’ll take more please requests.

So I made this….

And when you make noodles it only makes sense to have mashed potatoes with it…
Along with some good homemade butter bread…

And corn cut off the cob….

This corn gives me a sad ending to this story.

It looks so tasty not?~!

My mother, sister and I just put up 7 bushels.

We have for years gotten together to do our corn…it always goes faster.

But my mom has moved into town in the past couple of years and since they have treated water it made our corn taste like chlorine!

After throwing 30 cobs away and switching the water to purified we thought we had the problem solved but we forgot about the ice water that we soak the corn in to cool it down.

I don’t get it !

I used to live in town and cooked all my food with treated water. I never thought of it.

It has us puzzled.

But the result is a freezer full of corn that tastes funny 😦

I keep thinking if I mix in enough other things I will disguise the taste…. but my normally unpicky guy is not fooled.

He says he can smell the chlorine.

I told my sis that we can just assume I won’t be bringing that carb to Thank giving Dinner!

But back to the 4 carbs.

They all ate and ate until their bellies were bulging and they even humored me by taking small portions of corn.


It’s tempting to consider making this meal again soon.


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  1. I could eat taters and bread every day! Sorry about the corn. what a bummer. they treat our water with chlorine periodically and that time is coming up soon. you end up smelling like chlorine after a shower, too. we do use filtered water for cooking and drinking and ice, etc.

  2. Yummy!!! That sounds wonderful! Man~what a bummer about the corn, I wonder if I could taste it? Maybe you should save that corn for carry-in's??? 🙂 🙂 Or maybe serve it to your small group. tee hee.


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