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Three Summers ago Jason and I got away to this sweet little town. It was called South Haven and it’s in Michigan.

I loved every second of it! It reminds me of a coastal town and it’s only an hour and a half away from where we live.

Ever since that time I have been saying I wanna take the kids some day. And we always planned to but it never happened. It always seemed like we were pretty occupied on weekends~ Especially with church responsibilities.

Since this summer has been a very different kind of season of not having that we have been traveling a lot over weekends.

And this past weekend was the last one we had free before school starts. sniff…sniff…

So we took the kids to my little romantic beach town that has a lighthouse connected to a pier.

It started to rain just as we were driving into town. I was a little nerved up that it would ruin my perfect little visions I had dreamed up for the kids.

Well the rain soon stopped but it stayed overcast and windy. We decided to start by browsing the shops on main street.

We did this for about an hour until it became clear that several of the natives no longer were interested in this activity so we decided to grab lunch and head on down to the beach…..

Quizzno’s has an excellent deal that for every $5 sub you buy, kids 10 and under can eat free off the kids menu! Love that! So we all ate for $10! What a deal!

We headed down to the beach only to find the wind was very forceful and it put a new meaning to the word “sand-wich”…we found a little hill that protected us.

Now, I usually think of myself as being a pretty relaxed mom. But it seems like I am becoming more and more tense around water the older I get. I don’t understand it all except maybe the fact that I thought I was going to drown 2 years ago in a white water incident or the fact that I hear stories every year of people drowning who thought they could swim….

I don’t know what it is but…these waves they were crazy!

And my kids were having crazy fun in them!

And I sat there with white knuckles and a pit in my stomach the entire time.

They weren’t up by the shore line they kept creeping further and further out. Jason and I were talking about how dangerous it looked until finally he said, “I’ll just go out there with them”.

I didn’t push him in but I did not argue with his idea…

This helped my nervousness but then I started panicking about things like what if they all get sucked in a rip current….Oh my goodness….what a sickening thought! I couldn’t believe how I was letting myself get talked into all this fearful nonsense!

Finally I just decided to start praying and that really seemed to help releave my anxious thoughts.

And wouldn’t you know an hour later they all walked out unhurt and smiling from ear to ear.

And I took the paper bag off my mouth and started breathing normal again..:)

Any way just as we got everything packed up the sun came out…BRILLIANTLY!

We looked around at each other wondering if we should unpack and set up camp again but I was really ready to leave the beach.

So we decided to walk down the pier but not before I gave the cautionary “don’t walk near the outside…just stay toward the middle, no shoving or messin around…And that especially goes for you Jason….I wanna take all 5 of you home with me today.”

What is wrong with me?

After our nice little stroll down the pier where no one perished in the lake we headed on up to a grassy patch back towards town. We decided to have our little church service there. In our bathing suits no less! What a funny little picture:) Jason gave us a little sermon about Paul and the shipwreck, we sang two song led by Sophia and Malaina shared a favorite verse….

Guess what it was…. “Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and petition let your request be made known to God”. Aaaaa…thank you my little friend. That’s the one I needed about an hour ago:)

After a little more time sitting on the grass thanking God for the beauty of the sun we pressed on back to the town for two more little stops…

One..the toy store.. in which nanny mcfee should have been present…she would have found a new family for her show…


I’ll have to share that little story some other time. But a toy store really is not a place to take small children who are in charge of their family. I’m not judging , Just making an observation.

And the ice cream store…Yay!! Ice cream and fudge!

What a perfect way to end the day.

The kids were so very thankful and loved absolutely loved those big ole’ waves!

Yes that was the fantastic part of this day for them.

So there you have it!

I think it was a success and I slept very soundly last night!

And didn’t dream about water at all.

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  1. I'm right there with ya. I look forward to vacationing at the beach every year, then once I get there…I realize how anxious it actually makes me to watch my children riding the waves. And as wrong as it seems, I'm always thankful by the end of the week that it's over! We actually LOST our son Ben when he was 3 years old at the beach!!! We found him after about 5 minutes….longest 5 minutes of my life. This is what Moms do (not lose their kids!), but we worry because we love.

  2. Oh how frightful to lose those little ones on the beach! That happened to us as well! With little Sophie on her 2nd birthday! Thank you thank you for the beautiful earrings!~ I love them!!

  3. Maybe I should've been sitting next to you on the beach to keep your mind busy…just sayin' 🙂 Sounds like a perfect weekend! We would like to go up there to that area this fall too. Loved your pictures!!!


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