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This summer some friends of mine and I are reading the book…

Lies Women believe, By Nancy Lee Demoss

I would recommend it.

At least if you’re a woman.

It has been so good so far.

I have become very aware of how the enemy likes to whisper deception in my ear.
When I am feeling vulnerable or insecure he likes to jump right in and make sure I know that the rumor I just heard is in fact who I am. He likes to try to make me believe the lie in order to keep my joy offset by sorrow and my confidence of who Christ has called me to be diminished by thoughts of inadequacy.

The outline she gives is this…

The progression from deception to Bondage goes like this….

1. Listen to the lie.
Just like Eve. “Listening to things that aren’t true is the first step toward ultimate bondage and death.”
“If we allow our minds to dwell on things that aren’t true, sooner or later we will”……

2. Believe the lie.
“Listen to the lie, dwell on it and sooner or later you will”….

3. Act on the lie.

“What we believe will be seen in the way we live”.

This throws us into bondage.

She goes on to say that “every area of bondage in our lives can be traced back to a lie”.

So what to do?

I believe I need to fill my mind daily with the truth of God’s word.
Do I do this?
Unfortunately no.
Sometimes my days become so full of stuff I forget the most important One who will give me what I need.
But Let me assure you….I can tell by my thoughts and my attitudes what has been feeding me.

I find in my desperation I become much more intense about hearing what God says to me because I know if I go down the hopeless road of believing the enemy’s lies it will lead to destructive behaviors and ultimately death.

Having the Word of truth ready on my lips is what I find to be powerful. So when the lies come I can counteract it with truth.

If you have already read this book I would love to hear what you have learned from it.


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