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I wanted to tell you about this boy of mine….

He was my best baby…Absolutely. He started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and stayed on a schedule. He was always happy,
And then he turned 2. He was still happy but he decided he would test things a bit.

He is following a sister that loves to perform and be in front of people.

He…. Not so much…He tried but he just didn’t like the stage.

He is the chick in this brood who likes to march to the beat of his own drum.

I love his thoughtful questions. I love the way he loves to figure out how a door handle works(although I am not always as jazzed about the fact that he likes to take pens apart and then loses the spring or some other little tiny part).

I love his sensitive conscience that will not let him alone until he makes right his wrong. I love his quick witt and dry answers.

He is introverted and loves to read. He loves anything that involves computers or screens in general.

He can be in a room and get a quick sense of who is in charge…who is popular…who’s the bully…who isn’t…
I think that’s cause he’s intuitive.

He’s not always had the easiest time finding his spot and my prayer for him is that as he grows he will become more and more aware of those who need a friend.

I recently heard a profound statement …”We can never truly love until we have felt the sting of rejection”….. Love can come from the most painful place we have had to face.

I believe God is preparing him for something important…Greatness is not measured by what we accomplish but by who we are.

Oh and also…

he loves to play baseball…

I love to watch him!

More than anything I know this kid of mine is God’s first. And I feel honored to be entrusted with his care. He is such an important piece to our family. As he grows I want to keep learning and attempting to speak his language.
And I love him so very much!


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