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I Come to the Garden..

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My dear friend today would you take a walk with me through my garden.

I am broken and undone, I need you to come and speak to this heart.

I see you in the works of your hand.

Another flower created for a season.

You are the master gardener.

I want to learn from you.

You teach me if I am quiet enough to hear.

I wait for you.

As the dew is on the flower my soul cries for refreshing from your streams of mercy.

The vibrancy of the colors you have made give me a passion for your presence.

To live my life out loud.

To abandon all to you.

And as the flowers of the field pass away so we too will be here for a season and then fade away.

Today you assure me that you will never leave or forsake me.
You are a friend to the brokenhearted.
You will be truth when all else is shifting sand.

You are the source of my strength.
I reach for you.
The warmth of your sunny embrace, makes me feel cherished.
The touch of your gentle breezes breathes new life over me.
I am amazed by you my teacher,
My true friend and master.


Hold on to these days

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School’s coming to a close for this year.

As always I start reflecting.

I start thinking again about the flight of time and how fast this ride is.

This cloud starts forming as I ponder my days…..

My oldest is entering a world that scares her mother



What in the world….

It feels like I just left that world a day or two ago.

I am not old enough.

I remember when I was a freshman someone telling me…

“Hold on to these days, they will go so fast”.

And I remember thinking as I was dozing off in History…
“What happened to the go so fast part?”

But they were right.

It did.

And I remember so clearly as my babies were being being born people would say…

“Hold on to these days they will go so fast”…

And I thought,

“I’m sure they do but today I’m just gonna have to drink an extra cup of coffee to make it”.

And as my little ones are developing into young men and women. I realize that I am simply losing my grip. Memories of yesterday are becoming foggy.
Time is eluding me. And I am a bit panicked.

My oldest son turns 13 in a few months. His voice is changing. And he is growing hair on his lip.

I tremble as I think of him growing into a man. It just doesn’t feel like I’ve had that many years.

He told me this morning that he will not wear the shoes I picked for him. He said, He will be laughed at if he wears those. So instead he put on his high tops with his shorts. And I stood there and said “That’s fine, you decide.”

I couldn’t believe he would choose that gastly combo but I think he needs to be in control of things like his shoe choices and hair styles…. He informs me from time to time that it’s his head.


And I remember….

“Hold on to this day”.

I always wanted to be a mama and here I am in the middle and every day getting closer to the end of these years when I have them all under my wings, and I keep telling myself it will just keep getting better.

I’m not gonna lie…

I’m not sure about that.

But I do see perks.

I just feel this awful tug inside that wants to keep them little, and innocent. And I have this lump in my throat that won’t leave as I think of them losing a piece of that with every passing day.

But today I will seize this day.

I will take them to dance, awards programs, piano recitals and baseball. I will pack their lunches and kiss them goodnight. I will say prayers over their sweet heads and will be their alarm clock every morning, thankful that I have one more more day to nurture them.

Thanking God that I have these little people living with me who have changed my heart forever!

Wearing purple

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Have you ever had one of those moments?

You know, A time when you felt like everyone had decided to wear black but forgot to tell you

and you showed up in purple?

One of those times when you just knew you were the only one on the “outside”.

That day when you felt like a stranger in a room full of people you know well.

Maybe it’s just me.


Maybe not.

Because actually the wearing purple example was given to me by a very insightful child.
And I could only stand there and say…

Oh yes! Oh yes!
I could identify with that.

And unfortunatly I’m afraid I have to admit I have sometimes been in the black group and forgot to look for the person in purple!

Why is that? Why do we do that to one another?
I believe it is often done without malice but it doesn’t help with the awkwardness of being the outsider.

I have been reading and praying out of Beth Moore’s “praying God’s Word”.
I use this particular book when I am praying for specific break through’s.
The power of prayer and God’s word together is like Dynamite (As Beth writes)

God has drawn me to this verse in particular….
Lord, according to Your Word, love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never Fails. Icor 13:4-8
Father, I acknowledge to you that I don’t begin to possess this kind of love on my own. The only way I can experience and express love like this is to surrender my heart to love the unlovely….

What more can I say?

His Word once again…

Piercing my heart dividing between bone and morrow.

God may you fill me today with the kind of love that can only come from you!


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Love Friday….

It is my Favorite day of the week~


Because I am an anticipator….

I love to look forward to the weekend and Friday is the perfect day for that.
So this morning I got to do one of my Favorite spring/summer weekend activities…



Look at this gem of a Rocker I found today…

Like new!

And then I ran and got my flowers and plants to do another absolutely favorite thing of mine…
Getting dirt under my nails.

And while I was running about my sister in law, Shirley, called and said she was leaving a little encouragement in my refrigerator….

How’s that for a little pick me up?

And then my sweet friend Julie took me to get my feet pampered.
There’s nothing like some happy feet!!!

What a wonderful,relaxing treat!
What a kind gesture of love!

And finally tonight I got to watch my favorite #10 play baseball.

He is quite the catcher! 2 Amazing outs tonight! One dive and one throw from his knees!

Love Friday’s like this!

And now onto a full weekend~

Dressin up….

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Did you ever wonder what you would look like dressed up as someone else??

Me too!

I usually like to think of myself disguised as Julia Roberts or Halle Berry


then I realize that I’m 5’2 and white.

Last week our small group from church dressed up and hid in target and kohl’s.

The youth came to find us.

Look at what we came up with.

Can I just say we laughed until it hurt!
And some may have even wet themselves~

This is my friend “Anna”(she preferred I called her that this night)and her very fine looking husband dressed as a woman…..
Heather you guys still make me wanna spilt a gut!!

And speaking of fine looking husbands…How do ya like mine?
He was so grumpy…when I asked him why he said it was cause he was SO ugly! Which made me laugh harder!
It was quite comical to watch people watch us.

Especially because I am one of these cute Amish women. He and I did not look like we belonged in the same city


we walked around hand in hand just to stir the pot!HA HA HA!!

And here is Rusty who fit in as a “target” employee:) TEE HEE!!

Oh yes, Here’s Nancy, Did I tell you how attractive he was?

And here’s our distinguished Dr. in the group.

No really, he is. And his wife Carol dressed up as a nurse.
They were a riot!!

And finally, 2 single guys in our group out picking up chicks…….

I don’t know but I would run scared if they tried to pick me up!

What a fun, fun night!

It was just the laughter medicine I needed!!!

Three compliments a day club

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Have you ever heard of the 3 compliments a day club?

It’s a proposal by Dr George Crane….

He believed that if you “joined” this club, each day you would..

1. be motivated to look for good around you

2. make at least 3 people happy

3.feel good about yourself

4. people would be drawn to you

Here are some extra emblishments that Buck Rodger’s added….

Get out of your office.

When someone does a good job, pay him or her a visit to say thanks. It’ll make a bigger impact than a memo, a phone call, or an invitation to your office.

Don’t let good work be secret.

Ask managers under you to inform you of their subordinates’ accomplishments. Employees are discouraged when their special efforts go unnoticed. They may feel it was wasted efforts or worse think their boss is taking credit for their work. Send them a handwritten note of appreciation.

Thank people publicly.

Formalize thanks whenever possible.

IThes. 5:11 Says….

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Thankful anyway

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One of my favorite chapters of worship in the whole Bible is found in Acts 16.

Paul and Silas were traveling through a town. A slave girl with an evil spirit kept following them and shouting “these are servants of the most High God.” She followed them for days repeating it.
Finally, Paul was so over it….He turned to her and said “In the name of Jesus I command you to come out of her!” And at that moment the spirit left.

Well this really ticked off her owners who were using her to make money. So they and the crowd with them attacked Paul and Silas. It says they were stripped and beaten. And after they had been SEVERELY flogged, the were thrown into prison.

At about midnight (after a vigorous beating) These two men started praying and singing, while the others listened to them. Suddenly there was a tremendous earthquake that shook the foundations of the prison. At once the doors flew open and every one’s chains came loose! When the jailer woke up, he decided to take his own life because he thought everyone had escaped but Paul said “Don’t do that, we are all here”.
And instantly the jailer was asking what he needs to do to be saved.
Paul said” believe on the Lord Jesus”.
That night the Jailer’s whole family called on the name of the Lord and were saved.

How very cool! These guys did it right.

To contrast if they would have been going through the thing with a defeated spirit and negative outlook how ineffective they would have been to their onlookers. How they would have harmed the name of Christ.

Let’s face it,

I have NEVER been seriously beaten. I have never been jailed. I have never been attacked by a crowd. Yet how cowardly of me to feel like I can’t face another day because

My feelings have been hurt.

Because my child was treated unfairly.

Things seem out of control.

Life is hard.

Because my life is not going the way I planned…etc..etc…

I will praise you even when…

I will lift my voice in spite of…

I will offer my life for the one who gave his everything to show me his great love.

I wrote this song several years ago straight from this passage….

This pain I have, burns so deep,
It’s hard to move, or even speak,
But when I think of your love,
Or how you’ve called me chosen one.

Then I lift my hands, To honor you
To give you thanks for all you do.
And when my voice can’t sing the words
Still I will show you my gratitude.

When I am only looking down,
It’s hard to see, anyone but me.
But when I look up, and look around
I see faces of lost ones being found.

Then I lift my hands to honor you
to give you thanks for all you do.
And when my voice can’t sing the words
still I will show you my gratitude.

If I wait till all my troubles go away,
then I will never see,
What the Power of praise
Will change in me.

Father today I chose to praise you in the middle of the pain….for you are worthy….

-for a house that needs to be cleaned

– grass that needs to be cut

– a child that is currently grounded

-for relationships that need repair

-fingers, that need manicuring

-my nephew who is once more in the hospital

-food that needs to be prepared

-a smelly dog

-flowers that are losing their petals

You are the one I Worship today. I am so thankful you walked where I walked. You know it’s hard to be us.

You are….

The healer of hearts,

The one who gives much grace,

The lover of my soul,

The refuge I find rest in,

The strong tower where I run,

The lifter of my head,

And I am so very, very grateful!