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I’ve been trying to catch up a little bit this past month…
I mean really to me time spells friendship and I haven’t felt like much of a friend this past year….

Basically I was trying to keep things together and that never is quality. So I had the opportunity to meet some friends for lunch, coffee, or in their home like this sweet friend Heather in Florida.
She and her hubs Doug had us in for dinner. J and I have been friends with them since before we were married and they are treasures to us. I love her kind listening heart. They also have 4 children and they have been in the ministry themselves so we have some common interests.

Can I tell you a secret?
I went Sepia with this picture because I couldn’t get the red eye to disappear…

And then there’s Brittany….She was my working buddy for the past year. We had so much fun together and to top it off we found out we are second cousins…or something like that. She is a bundle of energy and laughs. I love her enthusiasm and she keeps me young and hip.HA! Love ya Britt!
We were missing each other after a couple weeks a part…

This is my friend Heather and her sweet little girl Suzi.
Heather is the one that faithfully leaves comments on this blog…She is a wonderful lady who actually introduced me to blogging. Let me just tell you that this lady would never stop by the bank without some treat to send through the window…All my friends in the bank were so jealous over the pampering she showered on me. On top of that she is just a great friend and this was to celebrate her birthday last week.

This is my friend Shayne….She is the mother of one of Jalen’s best buds. And actually we have 3 of our children in the same grades at school. We first met through Moms in touch and she has become someone I really connect with. I love her love for Jesus and her family. She is such a sweet person with a caring heart for other people!

This is my sweet friend Jana. Jana is my “old” friend. Not that she’s old cause actually she’s younger then me…but we go Waaaaay back. Back to camp and puberty. We know stuff about each other and that makes our bond pretty tight. I love that we can just pick up where we left off and I love how she gets my humor and I get hers. Nothing like an “old” friend.

I just had to share this about Jana yet….
She is a creative chocolate maker who, get this,
I told her we really need to do this weekly.

Oh how I missed meetings with friends….
I still have more to catch up on…
I think it may take me a year…Love you guys!
Thanks for all you add to my life!
And I know you’re reading this cause you tell me you do so just know that I’m grateful for you and love you back.


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  1. Ahhh Rosie, It was so fun to be with you last week. What a treat to get to go out to lunch. You have been such a good friend to me~I've enjoyed getting to know you better over the last year.Thank you for your sweet words. Love you!

  2. Love lots of love back at ya!

  3. Girlfriends are needed and are the best, I agree! Love the way you remodeled the blog, looks great!

  4. Rose…it was fun catching up on your life and seeing all the exciting things you guys have been doing…looks like you are not missing work!!=)

  5. Amy~Wish you were closer! So sorry we couldn't catch up in Florida! We need to sometime:)Jess~ Oh no, I am Not missing being gone 40 hours although it stinks to be spending money instead of making it!!!!


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