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Everyone was having a great time…

Burger’s and fries…


Until all of a sudden…smiley boy up above got a present from the bird that was sitting on the wire up above us.
Thanks for NOTHIN!
M declared war on the poor bird….
He was the bird guard for the rest of the day…
Yelling anytime one got close.

We went to a pretty cool 3 D movie that had actual smell aroma and a little sprayer that gave us a mini bath when it looked like water was being dumped on us!

We went to the laugh floor of monster’s inc. where Jalen ended up being picked out of the crowd. It was quite funny! This was going on 10:30 pm……

And the kids were high on Cotton Candy….

With blue tongue’s…..

….and this is what the little one said about her newly acquired “horns”.
“I messed with the bull and I got the horns”….


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  1. Is this Disney too?? All the fun posts you can have about your trip. I love this!

  2. What do you think about those blue tongues:)


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