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Monthly Archives: March 2010

16 years ago…

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When I was a little girl I dreamed about the day I would one day find the man of my dreams.

I used to pretend I was getting married and I would make up names for all the children that would one day follow that blissful day. I loved the idea of getting married and living happy ever after in a house with a picket fence and beautiful flowers growing around my house.

And here it is 16 years after the day I said “till we are parted by death”……

I don’t think it takes an expert to tell you that if you are in a relationship for over 18 years there will be days…..

Jus’ sayin’

Don’t we look so unassuming??

But there are many more days when I am so very happy. Not because I married the perfect man or that my guy married the perfect gal but that we are in this thing for the long haul. He told me that just 3 days ago….Rose, I want you to know I am committed to you. Those words have meant so much to me through the years. Because long after the planning and perfect florist was picked, Long after the music and the gifts, Long after making sure that all the food was all ordered and the guest list was completed; We remember this one thing….
We Are Committed to each other.

The other details are hard to remember but I know that what I promised that day was written down on a document that I have framed on my wall. (I had his framed too so he can view it from time to time:)HA!)

The song that’s playing is one of “our songs”.

Love isn’t someplace that you fall…’s something that you do.

Thank you my dear friend for staying committed even when the emotion wasn’t there. You are not only my husband you are my best friend. Thank you for caring for me even when I don’t act care worthy.

Thank you for your love for the children you have helped me create and raise. You are a good,good man and I am so thankful to journey so closely with you!

I love you my friend~

Porch Window Project

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Last week I decided it was time to give my porch its anual spring makeover….

Remember my hubs is a window guy???
Well we always have an abundance of old windows so I am always trying to think of things to do with them. One day I had an inspiration to build myself a table for the porch out of windows…
So I told him about it and he happily screwed these windows together in about a 1/2 hour! I slapped some patina paint on it and it has been sitting on my porch ever since…all seasons!

And every spring I try to remember what I put on it last year. So Since I can’t remember it always changes. Which is fine with me because that gives me new projects to do!

I got this idea
to use some on sale fabric that I bought for about 75cents. Add a short piece of this ribbon and the letter Y~

Mix it together with an old window and glue the fabric to the back of the frame.

I spray painted the letter red. Glued the fabric to the back of the frame. Glued the Y to the front of the frame and tacked the ribbon onto the back.
And this is what I got….

The whole project cost about $4.

I Thought it would be perfect for my new spring/summer look…..

And the final look above the window table.

Time well spent

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Remember how I said the little one still likes it when I come to school.
Well honestly I have never had another one of my children so interested in me coming for lunch.

I mean I would do it on their birthday’s and I was room mom and have gone on many, many field trips but none of the others have had this lunch time request. It obviously speaks love to her because she frequently says,
“Mom, can you please come for lunch some day this week?”

And I know these days are going WAY to fast…So I am eating it up!

*Okay just take a moment to observe those priceless fingers and the gap in the teeth!!*
I’m gushing I know…It’s just that she’s my baby!

And the thing is all her friends act like they like me too! They tell me exactly what they like about what I’m wearing or how my hair is done. They ask me questions and tell me stuff about what is happening in their day.

It is so fun!

Look at those sweet sweet girls!!
Those faces are just precious!

And then I got to have a later lunch with my friend…

Sweet Carolyn….
Can you tell we are totally Cracking Up??

This is my friend who has kids slightly younger than I am. She’s a good listener Plus
She gives me all kinds of good advice and I treasure her friendship!
She’s a Titus 2 Friend!

As I think about the generations from my daughter and her friends to my friends who are older then I it reminds me how much I can learn from people of all ages~

I never want to forget that!

Happy first day of Spring!!

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I Love….

The smell of fresh air wafting through my house.

Especially at the end of Winter!

And I Love

Having the sun shine down through my Open Window.

Oh my, I Love

The sound of birds singing through the open window…

I am partial to the sound of the turtle dove!!

I am grateful for the beauty and freshness of spring!

I don’t outgrow the joy that bursts inside of me when I see that first flower making it’s entrance into the world!

Spring is my favorite!

Mostly because it marks the end of Winter.
And the world seems to come to life!

The works of your hands are wonderful
I know that full well!
~Ps. 139:14

So You think you can paint?

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Here’s a little secret about me….

I love to try new things.
Especially if it includes something crafty.
Like today, I went to the store to buy myself a chipboard letter Y for another project I am working on.
I’ll post pictures as I make it.

So anyway….

I see these cool canvas boards were on sale. And beside it was acrylic paint.

Very nice!

The only thing is,


But the weather is BEAUTIFUL and I think it messes with my head a little when it gets so nice…
I get into this frenzy.

So I decided today I think I’ll make myself a picture!

I bought these very vibrant colors….

Aren’t they delicious!?

And I started painting not knowing what I may end up with….

My first painting on canvas evah!!!

I know it’s not a Picasso but it was

So Much fun!!

And then my family came home and told me I should sell it and they were exclaiming so much I thought I might as well just go ahead and make another one!

What a hoot!

I promised I would get more canvas for all and we will just make ourselves a little art gallery.

Micah(my loves anything art-related son) Has been dreaming about what his canvas will look like! I can’t wait to see what they all come up with!

I’ve got a few more colors running through my head as well…

Who knows…

Painting may become my new hobby!!

Girls Room Redo

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I know I told you I was going to paint the girls room and I did but I still haven’t posted pictures of before and after. The girls had really outgrown the look of the purple and green. It was really looking dated. But I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money So I used a can of paint that I had purchased for another project last fall.

So here is a shot of the corner of the room before…..

And after…..

And then I found these pretty little things for 50% off~

I would love to find some good priced quilts for the beds yet.

Or I may make some.

And I would like to get a dainty chandelier for the light.

Let me introduce you….

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Last week Jason wanted me to go with him to visit with a family he was doing some work for.

This family was saying goodbye to a mother who had lived with Alzheimer disease for the past 6 years.

We waited in line until we reached the couple Jason knew. The man stuck out his hand to shake Jason’s and then looked at me.

Jason said, “This is my wife Rose”.

He introduced me to the man and his wife.

Fortunately he wasn’t ashamed that I was his wife. But instead gladly took me along.

He tells me that he loves it when I’m with him, it makes him happier(sighJ).

This morning as I was reading I was reminded of that example.

Matthew 10…..

“Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in Heaven.

But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven”.

And that got me to thinking…

How often do I introduce people to my best friend.

The one who not only makes me happier but has given me a gift more precious then any other gift I have ever received.

The one who gives me Hope and a Future.

The one who only invites, never forces himself on me.

The one who gives grace over and over.

The one who came to earth as a baby, lived as a human and then willingly laid his life down for me.

The one who rose on the 3rd day and knocked Satan right in the teeth!

The one who created all that we see and is preparing something even greater as I write this.

The one who cares about all people and is interested in being a best friend to all his created children.

The one who never will leave me or abandon me.

The one who will come for me someday and take me to live in a massive house.

The one who changes hearts and brings new life.


Let me introduce you to Jesus.

My life here will soon be over.

If I live to be 80 I’m already almost half gone.

But he will not.

And when I get to heaven I am looking forward to hearing him say…


let me introduce you

to my friend Rose”.