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Winter time blues

Is winter over yet cause….

I’m done!

That’s right!
I’m done!

Now that doesn’t change the fact that we have 2-3 months of cold left.

But I am ready for spring. And it’s about this time every year that I wonder why I live here and wish to move south.

Maybe someday we really will.
But for now we are here.
And I gotta deal with it.

I was thinking in these long days of winter about the things that make me feel warm and sunny inside.


Green grass

And making drippy castles at the beach….

I love this man more then I ever have.

And these faces are my fav….

I love beautiful, sweet fruit!

Sitting on the porch….

And Springtime tulips

I love my small group and my girlfriends that are truly like sisters to me!

And of course popcorn….YUMMO!!!

Just focusing on the sunshine today!

I am going to be blogging about a pretty exciting thing that’s happening to me later this week.

I have lots to be grateful for!


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  1. Awwww…I made the blog! 🙂 Who is that girl with the just newly blonde hair anyways? I love you too Rose…just like a sister. You are a great friend. I love all the things you love! Well except for the fruit. This winter is dragging out for me too…but wait you get to go to Florida. Maybe we will to. I'm totally over this cold stuff!

  2. usually the winter bothers me but not too terible bad this year..I think it helped to go down over Christmas…even tho it was chilly…I cant beleive how fast the winter is flying by…almost the middle of Febuary..WOW! Maybe you need to give the south a might just love it there! :)luv, Tammy


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