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Jesus Wept

This weekend was so very emotional.

So many questions. So few answers.

How does a mother and father say goodbye to a precious little baby?
I don’t know.
But I witnessed two very brave friends do that these past few days.

I am so proud of them and my heart is full of love for the way they have openly grieved in front of all of us.

They have taught us how to cry out loud in pain.
They have have taught us how to love our special ones.
They have made a difference in my life.

In the beautiful service of Memorial for Olive on Sunday evening the pastor had the most moving sermon on comfort and hope I believe I have ever heard.

He used the passage in John where Jesus went to the home of his friends, Mary, Martha and Lazarus. However, Lazarus had been sick and even though the sister’s sent for Jesus he did not come right away. When he arrived they ran out to meet him and told him that their brother had died.

And what did Jesus do?

He wept.

He felt their pain.

And what did the sister’s do?
They asked him why he hadn’t moved his hand a little sooner.
He could have prevented this!
Jesus did not tell them they couldn’t question him. He was okay with their questions.

He knew the big picture.
He knew that God would receive the glory through Lazarus’s death.

Then Jesus did something so amazing….He spoke to Lazarus from that grave and told him to come forth.
Lazarus came out of that tomb all wrapped in grave clothes.

And Just as he spoke to Lazarus he will someday speak to Olive Hope, he will call her from her grave and she will rise to meet him in the sky. She will be beautiful and radiant.

We believe this because of Jesus. He says that all who believe on the Lord Jesus. Who confess with their mouths that he was raised from the grave, they too, shall one day rise to meet their Savior.

For now, we grieve our loss but we know that one day we will see this sweet, sweet baby once again.
This was the video Lynette made for the memorial service.
You can turn my music off at the bottom of the screen so you can hear the music she has playing on the movie.


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  1. Oh Rose this was so heartbreaking! I just cried as I watch this video! I pray they will feel the presence of God throughout this difficult time!

  2. Rose you are right…that was one of the most meaningful memorial services ever. That preacher really spoke truth and comfort. He was soooo good! I hope in the days to come that, that message will bring some comfort to Rusty and Lynette.


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