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What can I do?

My heart is heavy today with sadness for the people of Haiti!

I can’t get my mind around what is happening over there right now.
My first thoughts are with the helpless.

The littlest and the elderly.

The handicapped, the orphans.

I find myself feeling so helplessly sad from a distance.

About as distant as I feel God is in his answers to me right now.

Not that he has to answer me.

Who am I that he should have to answer his vessel?

I just don’t understand.

I don’t pretend to know his plan.

So maybe I will remind myself of what I do know….
1. I know he is Still in Control.

2. I know he blesses those who look out for the orphan child and the Widow, the broken, the poor, and handicapped.

3. He is not surprised by events that take place. Even when we are.

4. He is the Great I Am. The Father of all. The one who came to earth so we may be with him forever.

5. He can be trusted.

6. He loves us more then anyone ever could. HE knew us before we were born.

7. I know that I can ask him to save the people of Haiti. His compassion for his children is great. His love is never ending.

Lord Jesus,
Today I am asking you to carry your lambs.
Give strength to the weak.
Courage for the hopeless.
Energy for the Rescuers.

And for myself I pray,
Give me a heart that hurts when you hurt.
Give me eyes that see what you see and hands that are quick to help those who need it! Make me more like you, full of compassion and Great in love.

You, Lord, are Large and In Charge and we wait for you.

Haiti Earthquake Relief


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