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Being confident of this…

Okay friends can I be honest for a little bit?

Am I the only one out here that struggles with confidence?

I mean it seems so basic.

So elementary. Why then at 38 do I still have this crisis at times?

I mean, I may be just fine thinking life is wonderful and then


Out of no where these slimy little thoughts come creeping in my head…
And I remember something that I did that was so stupid.
Or I am just filled with shame thinking of something in the past.

And I start rolling stuff over and dredging up stuff and all of a sudden I am filled with insecurities.
It may be just in one area of my life but it starts bleeding over into other areas until I am completely mystified as to how I became so insecure.

The thing is I don’t think this is just me….I think this is one of the enemies big fat weapons that he LOVES to use on all of us!

Often we talk about the enemy coming and stealing from us…
Things like


But what about confidence.

We are told over and over that we can be confident in Christ.
He never Shames us.
He only calls us to come closer.
He gives us pure garments for our filthy rags.

So I can tell that dirty rotten scoundrel to scram!
He has no power when I don’t believe his lie.

And really, if it’s Christ’s glory I’m living for.
Believing what he says about me and occupying my thoughts on what delights him.

I can be confident of this….
He who started the good work in me will be faithful to complete it.


Jesus Wept

This weekend was so very emotional.

So many questions. So few answers.

How does a mother and father say goodbye to a precious little baby?
I don’t know.
But I witnessed two very brave friends do that these past few days.

I am so proud of them and my heart is full of love for the way they have openly grieved in front of all of us.

They have taught us how to cry out loud in pain.
They have have taught us how to love our special ones.
They have made a difference in my life.

In the beautiful service of Memorial for Olive on Sunday evening the pastor had the most moving sermon on comfort and hope I believe I have ever heard.

He used the passage in John where Jesus went to the home of his friends, Mary, Martha and Lazarus. However, Lazarus had been sick and even though the sister’s sent for Jesus he did not come right away. When he arrived they ran out to meet him and told him that their brother had died.

And what did Jesus do?

He wept.

He felt their pain.

And what did the sister’s do?
They asked him why he hadn’t moved his hand a little sooner.
He could have prevented this!
Jesus did not tell them they couldn’t question him. He was okay with their questions.

He knew the big picture.
He knew that God would receive the glory through Lazarus’s death.

Then Jesus did something so amazing….He spoke to Lazarus from that grave and told him to come forth.
Lazarus came out of that tomb all wrapped in grave clothes.

And Just as he spoke to Lazarus he will someday speak to Olive Hope, he will call her from her grave and she will rise to meet him in the sky. She will be beautiful and radiant.

We believe this because of Jesus. He says that all who believe on the Lord Jesus. Who confess with their mouths that he was raised from the grave, they too, shall one day rise to meet their Savior.

For now, we grieve our loss but we know that one day we will see this sweet, sweet baby once again.
This was the video Lynette made for the memorial service.
You can turn my music off at the bottom of the screen so you can hear the music she has playing on the movie.


My friends, Rusty and Lynette,missionaries to Thailand. Had a little girl 4 months ago. She was born early…2 1/2 months.

They named her Olive Hope.

Their journey has been heartbreaking and emotionally draining.
They have been stretched and pulled more then what seems humanly possible.

Tonight their precious baby girl went home to be with Jesus.
Please pray for them as they grieve their Great loss.

WE love you Rusty, Lynette, and Norm and Carol!

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Haiti Earthquake Relief

What can I do?

My heart is heavy today with sadness for the people of Haiti!

I can’t get my mind around what is happening over there right now.
My first thoughts are with the helpless.

The littlest and the elderly.

The handicapped, the orphans.

I find myself feeling so helplessly sad from a distance.

About as distant as I feel God is in his answers to me right now.

Not that he has to answer me.

Who am I that he should have to answer his vessel?

I just don’t understand.

I don’t pretend to know his plan.

So maybe I will remind myself of what I do know….
1. I know he is Still in Control.

2. I know he blesses those who look out for the orphan child and the Widow, the broken, the poor, and handicapped.

3. He is not surprised by events that take place. Even when we are.

4. He is the Great I Am. The Father of all. The one who came to earth so we may be with him forever.

5. He can be trusted.

6. He loves us more then anyone ever could. HE knew us before we were born.

7. I know that I can ask him to save the people of Haiti. His compassion for his children is great. His love is never ending.

Lord Jesus,
Today I am asking you to carry your lambs.
Give strength to the weak.
Courage for the hopeless.
Energy for the Rescuers.

And for myself I pray,
Give me a heart that hurts when you hurt.
Give me eyes that see what you see and hands that are quick to help those who need it! Make me more like you, full of compassion and Great in love.

You, Lord, are Large and In Charge and we wait for you.

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Cruise part 2

So here they are the happy couple.

And here are the nutty kids….What a riot!

One evening we had a midnight chocolate buffet…It was amazing!

Aren’t these apples delicious looking?

And what about these tasty looking treasures?

This is the pool area where this yummy-ness was found.

And this is a whole nother kind O’ sweetness! Ha!</

It was going around!!!

“Macho” “Macho” men!! …

Here are some lovely views of what I laid my eyes on…
Puerto Rico!

And the beautiful street in St Thomas

Such a lovely memory.

And then this past weekend we took a little road trip with some friends.
Guess what..
We went Snow Skiing!!!
I mean can you talk about Shock to the body!
One week miles from the equator and the next week on a ski slope in Michigan!
It was still fun…although my throat and body are screaming at me right now!
First time my friends! Oh yes!
It was entertaining on every level….
Several things I found out…
1. I am older then I think I am.
2. I am the perfect stature for skiing because I live close to the ground so when I fall it isn’t nearly as traumatic, as say, it may have been if I was Goliath!
3. I can’t believe how funny it is to see other people fall down!
4. I laugh at myself more then some people are comfortable with.
5. I can still learn to do new things!

And now back to life in January….which means staying inside and looking for the first signs of spring!

Glimpses from the big boat

Well the day finally arrived and so….

One week ago we headed out into the Atlantic to experience the wonder of the sea.

This was a cruise sponsored by Inspiration Cruises with David Jeremiah and his special guests on board.

These guys were an absolute hoot! This was “Dan and Jan” our ship attendants.

They liked to call him Dr. Jerry Myers…HA! We loved them!

This is David and Lynda Pendleton. David is a very talented ventriloquist and was on board for the week. We got to know them and I love their warm sweet hearts! They are from Indiana too…. David often performs at the Blue Gate so if you ever get the opportunity to see his act make sure you take it!

This is the view back at Ft Lauder dale as we headed off.

The week started off a little rocky with a couple people sick from the rockin ship. Mostly just the first night. But when we threw Jonah over the water became calm…..
Well, really it was more like, when the patches started kicking in the ones among us with queasy stomachs seemed to feel like eating again.
Did I say eating?
Because really, I think I ate my quota for the year! And it’s only January 9!

I could NOT believe how much I could consume…Could Not believe it!
Here we are for one of the formal nights….These were special nights where we dressed up….and once again went to dinner.

We had dinner every night at 8:00. And you know what…
Something a little special happened.

My 38th birthday happened to be yesterday and we got to spend it on a private island in the Bahamas!!
And I went snorkeling for the first time… Which meant I got a lot of salt water up my nose and saw about 7 beautiful fish. Let’s just say it wasn’t the best of times.

It didn’t help that the lady from the boat kept yelling out to me…

“Just pretend your in a pool with waves”.


That’s all you got for me?

How about giving me advice on how Not to drink this salt water….Seriously, my ankles were starting to swell!

But I am glad for the experience.

I’m all about having the experience!
Isn’t that beautiful! This is the water we jumped into…. I was trying to calmly put my head into this frigid water and trust that I wouldn’t be swept off with the waves, and hoping the little life vest would keep me a float, when I realized that my breathing patterns were very rapid!
I kept telling myself to relax…just relax for goodness sake.
I couldn’t ….so I started swimming toward the boat ….
and the closer I got to the boat the more I found myself calming down.
Close to the boat where I knew I would be safe. It hit me there in the water that this could be applied to my spiritual walk. When I am close to My Jesus I instantly feel a security that I can not find out by myself.
Staying close to the boat…..

Meanwhile…It was great to climb back into the boat after 40 minutes of my salty bath.

And when I got back to my room our steward, who was exceptionally helpful had this waiting for me.

Take a closer look….
Isn’t that Excellent! What a talent!
When he would see us in the halls he was so wanting to help with anything he could do….
“I get your door Ms. Rose. Could I get you more Ice? Can I do anything else for you?”
Love that! Ha!
I plan to post more pictures as I get time.
What a wonderful, wonderful time!
And my family?
They rock!
What a riot we had together!