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Happy 50 th mom and dad

It was 50 years ago….
Life was very different then…
They were young and in love~
Betty and Harley

What a pair they were.
And now after much has changed they still love each other…..
They are still committed….
They are my mom and dad.

And What a crazy crowd they created.

They told us for their anniversary they would like to take us on this big boat and float around on the water for a week or so…..

So, we trying to be respectful of their wishes, said, ” Okay, we’ll go”. Ha!

Through the years one thing my parent have taught through their lives is that it’s all about giving to others. I want to follow their example in this.

I hope I can.

Big shoes to fill!

Several years ago I wrote this little page about my feelings of them.

What my parents did right…

I grew up not all that different than any other kid. We had a 4 bedroom home with a sandbox and swing in the back yard. I had lots of time to play games of make believe and whiffle ball. It wasn’t till I was a little bit older that I realized our home was a lttle bit different than that of many of my friends.
For a period of time I thought all homes had constant traffic in and out its doors. I believed that everyone went to church when the doors were opened. And that everyone knew what it was like to creep through the dark basement and halls of the church after everyone had left.
I thought that normal meant having the communion bread and juice brought home and later partaking as my brother and I re-enacted the morning church service in the afternoon.

But I came to realize that something was unusual about my home. You see, it was my parents who, in times of crisis were often the first to be called even though it was the middle of the night. I saw my dad and mom going to homes, or hospitals at all hours. I saw them fervently praying for deliverance for individuals. They often planed their lives around others. Trying to plan for vacation can be hard when an elderly person is near death. Seeing my mother set another plate without a word of complaint because an extra person showed up that she had not planned for.
Evangelist who would come for a week of meetings would always be welcomed and treated special in our home. I watched as my father worked a full week at his job, led Wednesday evening prayer meeting, went to numerous church activities and listened to the needs of his parishioners as they would arise. Only to find that it was Saturday and tomorrow he needed to bring a fresh message to his people. All the things he gave up to be locked in his study on Saturdays.

As you may have guessed my father was a pastor of a church.
I don’t know, but I assume that when the job description was given to him, at the tender age of 25 the words sacrifice and flexibility were not in bold letters.

But what I witnessed could only be described as sacrificial. My parents have literally sacrificed their own lives for the sake of Christ and his body. I didn’t hear them complain that this was their lot in life. They gave and gave even when they were emotionally and physically drained.
They showed me what the face of flexibility looks like. When something wasn’t quite the way they planned for they took it with stride. They gave me an example of sacrifice as they squashed their own desires for the sake of the body. They let me know that service to Christ is more important than always being comfortable. They gave me a wonderful gift.
I haven’t always viewed it like this.

This legacy is what I want to pass to my children. I only hope they will see in me a small amount of the kind of dedication that I saw in my parents.
I hope someday they will look on my life and see that I followed that example of sacrifice, of laying down my own desires for them and for others.
Of being flexible when things were not how I would have planned.
Of learning how to love others the way Christ loves me.

Thank you mom and dad, the world is a better place because you have been here.

And I might add…I’m REALLY glad you chose the big boat idea!

It will be a Fabulous time!!!


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  1. what an absolutely beautiful post! you are so blessed and to hear a "PK" say all this is so encouraging! congrats to your parents.

  2. Growing up as a PK sounds quite similar to the life of a country doc's daughter. Your post is such a nice tribute of both honesty and gratitude. Happy cruising!

  3. …And I hope you have a crazy amount of FUN!!

  4. Awwww…what a tribute Rose. What a daughter to be in awe and treasure all of those positive things you learned from your parents. WEll I was checking to see if there are any updates from the big boat…but clearly your having way toooo much fun. 🙂 Love you and miss you.

  5. Rose, you are a gift to your parents and your affirmation is so special, not only to them, but your encouraging words are uplifting to all of us. A reminder to "look to God" instead of man for strength to serve Him


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