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Deep thoughts….

Somehow this time of year makes me reflective….

Oh dear….
I get weepy when I get reflective!

Seriously, Melancholy!

I start counting up how many more Christmas’ are left before my birds fly….

It makes me crazy!
What have I missed?

Have I done enough?
Am I doing what I should be now?
I begin to feel like I am coming up short.
Short on time.
Short on answers.

Hate short talk! Hate it!
Maybe I need to remember that in spite of my failures my kids aren’t awful.

They are fairly normal.

And with the gene pool they inherited….That’s sayin something!

Even more important they all are pretty in tune with their conscience and listen to it most days!

And they tell me they love me….

well one of them says “he usually does”…

I’m counting that!
I love them too.

Oh How I love them!

I think they know it and that’s probably enough for today!

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  1. Hey Girl…my little ones are only 4 and 2 and I get this way. It seriously could make me depressed and full of anxiety if I let it!!!!! I just love my little ones so much…and want to be doing what is best for them..Thanks for your honesty…good to know I am not alone.AND BY THE WAY….YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB AS A MAMA!!!!!J

  2. Awww…I haven't thought of how many Christmas' are left. sad but true. Sorry about tonight….I'm looking forward to Monday!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Rose! Thanks for stopping by! I love this post you did about the amount of Christmas' left…something I haven't even considered yet, but I realize the time is flying by!!Hope you and your family a great Christmas!


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