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I am in the middle of mistletoe, snowman, angels and lights….

But I need to take a brief break to get these very important pictures on here.

are so important!
Here is Jalen’s birthday celebration.
I remember so well the day you came into this world. What a sweet baby you were. So easy, you spoiled me! You are caring and witty. I love your smile and your sensitivity to the Spirit in your life! Your brain works in electrical and mechanical ways. I am looking forward to see what this next year brings you.

Birthday’s looks different every year and this year Jalen wanted to take his friends bowling.
So we bowled and had pizza. They, in Middle School boy fashion were completely goofi-fide. We love to celebrate our children’s life….sometimes it can feel like the birthday might fall on a busy day but we try to make sure they get celebrated…..

Here is the bunch….aren’t they totally fun looking?
They are!
We are so thankful for the choices our boys are making in their friendships~
Micah also celebrated his birthday….
This weekend in fact.
He requested Fettuccine Alfredo.
He was explaining to his friends what it tastes like.
He said “It’s basically grown up mac and cheese”.
Oh, the boy replied. That’s all the “splainin” he needed in order to dive right in:)!
This day was perfect! The sun was out and the football’s were flying. They got quite muddy but had lots of smiles so I guess I can overlook the stained pants:)

Then we had them go on a little treasure hunt around the property.
Malaina did a great job making up the clues and hiding them around.
Here is the final spot….
In the garden. I told them I needed a hole cause I was wanting to plant a new bush in that corner. Ha!
X marked the spot.
Jason buried the treasure about 2 feet down.
They got pretty dirty but once again they didn’t bother wiping their hands on their pants.
Once they saw the box they got down and started digging with bare hands:)
Gotta love those boys!
And finally…
A can of pop,
A bag full of treasure candy,
and lots of excitement produces this……

So fun! I love these kids too!

Micah is now double digits. I can’t believe it!

What a great kid he is! I remember the year he was born. I was trying REALLY hard to have him. I went out shopping on black Friday trying to get him out into the world.
He is such a witty, loving guy. He has a bright mind with a strong bent towards acting.
I am looking forward to seeing what happens in Micah’s life this year…
Just on a side note those glowing green eyes in the background of the picture are totally creeping me out!
And now back to my Christmas decorating.

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  1. oh what a happy sigh i'm doing right now. i get what you mean on these wonderful boys! he is one handsome fella, happy bday to you both!

  2. Thank you Rose for your kind words and prayers on my blog! It means so much!

  3. Awwwwww!!!! Such sweet memories and pictures. I miss you Rose!


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