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Mildred Faye

I have been absent lately as you can see. Life has never felt more overwhelming or full then it has been these past few months. Some days I feel like I may drown and other days I feel like I have.
I have a great life don’t get me wrong but sometimes life just gets messy ~
Sometimes its because of choices we make and sometimes its what is thrust on us.
The combination of both can be simply too much.

One of the huge things we have dealt with this past month was the death of Jason’s mother.
We had the opportunity to all gather together a couple weeks before she passed to give her our love and say goodbye. These first couple pictures are from that weekend.

One of Jason’s last moments with his mother. She had spunk and was steadfast on the fact that she didn’t think she was really dieing. She hated that other’s had to wait on her! We never heard her complain about her own health.
And Jalen with grandma~a touching moment~
The thing about death is you never completely prepare for that call. You may think you know how you’ll feel but when it really happens it become surreal. Like is this really happening….
And then without warning the whole drama is laid out before you and the realization dawns that it’s over….the book has been written….So final!
This is Jason’s entire family. He has 8 siblings so that makes for a large crowd.
Sophie was the youngest grandchild….grandma kept saying this to her when we visited her for the last time. She loved her grandchildren.
She was a gift giver. Always bringing something for them when she came to visit.
Here we are at the grave side. A very touching time for us. Each of the grandchildren had a rose they could throw on the casket~notice Sophie decided she wanted to keep hers. She later gave it to her cousin…..Not sure why she kept it ~whatever~Here is Jason’s family 7 boys and 2 girls. My mother in a law was a busy, busy mom. She was a worker and had a hard life. I give her honor for the way she served her family without complaint. I will miss her belly laughs and her little words of advice she always liked to give.
We are blessed to have families that have a clear understanding of our destiny when we finish this life.
We are looking forward to seeing her again some day.


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  1. Amazing thoughts to ponder Rose. What a legacy she left. I didn't know her middle name was "Faye" that was my mom's name! And now Suzanna's middle name. šŸ™‚ Bless you friend as you try to juggle this all in your life.

  2. When beloved family go before us, Heaven seems so much more real! That isn't to say that the grief is any easier. Love and prayers to your family!


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