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The little one

So this weekend Sophie was running around here in a little hat and I saw a photo opportunity.
I said, “Sophie, come over here and let me take your picture”. She is always a very willing party to this kind of order so here she is sweetly smiling.
But I was completely unprepared for what she would do next. She went into a total unprompted photo shoot…..complete with attitude.
Oh yes, complete mystery girl…

With the “pouty” lips

And the scholar?

Oh my, so shy!

And thoughtful

Sweet as a peach!

And yet completely aloof

But what a fun little surprise miss brown eyes!

I love you my sweet little one!
You are my sugar pie!
And I love you up to the moon!


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  1. very cute little one you have. Loved the pictures!!! So happy when you have time to blog. 🙂

  2. very photogenic! and those eyes…watch out for the boys.

  3. Hi Rose! These pics are so cute! I wish my kiddos were into having their pictures taken!!!! Have a great night!


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