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Sunday Dinner

Growing up I had a favorite day.

I remember Sunday’s as being one of the best days of the week. We often had company in or went to somebody’s house. We never, no, never did we go “out” to dinner.

My mom would serve different meals on Sunday. But one that made a common appearance was Roastbeef with potatos and carrots.

That was my favorite… the one I never seemed to tire of.

The funny thing is I married a guy from Iowa who had a very similar tradition in his home.

So every time I make this meal on a Sunday I get huge “kudos” from the big guy!

I love to make it because even my 6 year old could make this meal.

We put a frozen roast into the crock pot on Saturday night along with enough water in the bottom so it doesn’t burn. I put one packet of onion soup mix on top of that and turn it on low.

In the morning we clean potato’s and sometimes carrots and put on top of roast. Season with salt and pepper, turn on High…. and that is all!

By noon when we get home from church it’s ready to devour.

The best thing is we wake up with a wonderful aroma on Sunday morning. And it’s a “one plate” meal. I love it….
Hope you do too!

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  1. I do love that meal too!!! MMMMmmmmmm…I can almost smell it. My mom did that meal alot when I was growin' up too. 🙂


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