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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Snicker’s can read

This dog that we own…she is something else!

Jason says he hates her but I think Hate is a VERY strong word.

Especially for someone who takes her out every morning at 6:00.

And also because he gets very worried whenever she “bolts” that she may get run over.

He blames it on how much we paid for her 2 years ago.

I personally believe he has a soft spot for her.

I gotta tell you although you may never guess it she is one. smart. dog!!!

When she does have an accident in her room…it is completely behavioral! If we leave her for long periods of time she wrecks her room. But if I am in the house while she is in her room she sleeps peacefully in her little chair.

She so knows!

Well, you can imagine how impressed I was when I found out my two youngest have been teaching her to read!

Yep, they made little signs for our four legged friend that instructed her to either “SIT” or “Lay”. They informed me they did not even need to say the word they just held up the yellow square and she promptly obeyed. They may even create a “word wall” for her that would assist her in even more impressive skills.

Who knows eventually she may know how to read the word “Talk” and be able to spew out a couple words!!


You know what is a very “un-fun” thing for me……
Something that I hate more then going to the dentist?

It’s Waiting….
Waiting……….It is not a natural gift!

Like when I sit waiting in the lobby of the doctor’s office or at a red light trying to stay composed… I play this little mind game .
I tell myself “you will not be sitting here in 3 hours. You will not be sitting here in 3 hours”…..

I have done this since I was a kid and it really seems to help me relax and breathe normally.

Or When I am to meet with someone and they don’t arrive at the said time we were supposed to meet, it seems like the minutes tick by as if all of time has slowed down to a mind numbing stop. “you will be here in 3 hours….”

There is something I have been waiting on….
For a very extended period of time…

I have been waiting for my home to sell for a year and a half!

That my friends, is a very long time!
I reminded God of this detail this past weekend…. how long it really has been and how patient I have tried to remain through it.

Just in case he forgot about that little tiny factoid.
I am so very aware that my home is sufficient and I am grateful for it.
But the waiting…..

the waiting…..
I am not a “waiter”.

I like to “gett-er done” and get on to the next thing….
And God seems to like to put me in situations that help me learn how to be a “better waiter”.

I think I’ve grown from where I used to be but it’s obvious he thinks stretching me more is part of my character development.

And I am here to testify…..It’s a stretch!

The thing is I can’t even play my game….cause in this case I don’t know how long the wait will be! I don’t know when God’s hand will move and I just have to trust that when his time is right then it will happen and until then I should be content with what is for me this day, this minute.

Sound familiar? Do you wish God would move his hand on your behalf sooner rather then later?

We all face it from time to time…and it looks different for all of us! But learning to relax in the arms of the almighty is truly where I strive to be.

Learning that his arms are better then immediate results!

That’s where I long to have my heart….Oh God, I rest in you this day!

Troyer Campout 2009

This Weekend we spent Time with my family at our annual
What a great family to be part of! We have 17 kids between us and there is a whole lot of laughing and fighting that goes on between them! We are a normal family with strengths and weakness like everyone else but we have something that draws us together….
Our Faith in God… The Troyer family believes.
…. and our humor. We may be twisted sometimes but we all sure do like a good story and a good laugh. So for the past 10 years we look forward to spending time together one weekend in August. We talk about lots of things…what we are busying ourselves with, who is going where this fall and winter, church, politics and sometimes even some good heart to hearts.

Here are the grand kids ~

The oldest is 22 and the youngest is 2.

We usually split up the meals so 2 of us are in charge of 1 meal. This makes the whole weekend a lot less stressful because we don’t have to worry about cooking and clean up for each meal.
The girls were a little happy with their big knives…
This is my sister, Cindy, my sister in laws, Regina and Corine.

For the kids activity We made homemade Ice cream.
This is was a fun little way for them to have a snack and activity all in one.
It is so simple!

The recipe is:

1/2 cup milk or cream

1/4 t. vanilla

2 T. Sugar

Combine in pint size zip lock bag. In Gallon size bag combine ice cubes and rock salt. Seal pint bags and put in gallon bags. Start shaking and rolling your ice cream mixture until it becomes hard. Open and eat!

Here are some happy campers making ice cream. Megan and Micah and Jalen.


Here are some of the kiddos in the pool. Sophie, Reygan and Keesha loved the mushroom falls.

And these boys are full of all that boys are full of….

Benji, Landon, Micah and JalenThey did a little skit at our talent show on Saturday night. They called themselves “Mr. Know” and answered any question we may have….Funny Funny boys!

And here is my Miss Malaina. She has 2 cousins her age that she loves too…

It’s interesting how they are getting to an age now where they enjoy sitting with the adults a little more then running off and playing. They are a becoming such young men and women! Sophia and Annika. The 2 youngest grandchildren. The girls like to play house with “Anni”. They like to pretend she is the baby and she is not always so impressed with the arrangement….
My goofy son modeling grandma’s shoe…

I’ve got my hands full with that one:)!

This bunch looks so innocent but take a look at this and tell me what you think….

Another good memory. Another great weekend.