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The Providence of God

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We had our anual church conference and since it is held at a different location every year we get to see different parts of the country that we may not always travel to.
The Theme this year was “The Providence of God”.
As a kid I grew up in the same conference and since my dad was a pastor we always went…It was our annual family vacation tied into whatever local attractions went with it.
I don’t have bad feelings at all about the tradition of vacations I was raised in. It just seems natural that we would now do the same thing with our children.
This weekend I had the privledge of reaquanting with a woman well into her 70’s who has the gift of encouragement. She has been that to me since I was very young, although with my suggestion that I was no longer young she laughed heartily.
A Titus 2 woman is what I call her. Someone who has taken seriously speaking into lives of young women. A woman who I will miss incredibly when God calls home.
She encouraged me as a young pastors wife to be in the Word daily and to continue walking faithfully. She has encouraged me in my song writing and music.
This is in part God’s providence in my life. That he has allowed me the priviledge of growing up in a heritage that honors him, God of the Present, God of the Future and God of the past.
The God who knows and cares about each of his created ones.
The God Who is sovereign even when life is not working as I hoped.
He moves me to tears as I think of his lead, love and care in my life.
I am Eternally grateful to him.


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  1. you don't always hear this perspective from PKs! made me smile and loved hearing about your titus 2 lady!

  2. Have you gone "public" with your blog?I haven't been here in a while. But I'll be coming back regularly again. Missed ya!Melanie@Bella~Mella

  3. No as long as I'm working at the bank I will stay private.


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