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July 4th Camping

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O beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain….
For purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain…

America, America, God shed his grace on thee….
And Crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

I love this country that I was born and raised in. I am so thankful for her bounties and the freedom I have been given. Things are changing here in our country and for the first time I am starting to wonder if my children will enjoy the same blessed freedoms that I grew up with.
I pray that they will ~ I pray that our country will once again embrace the truth that it is only God who blesses….He gives and he takes away….blessed be the name of the Lord!

Okay so I’m a little bit late but better late then never!

Fourth of July was a great weekend for us.
We ventured off in our RV for a fun weekend of camping with some friends.
Here are the forks in the fire the first night….SMORES GALORE!!! 2 Bags of Marshmallows in one night? These kids kept stuffing em down!

And the yummy results left on little Suzy’s face.

The next morning we woke to a dreary 4th of July. Which could have been disappointing except that this meant the kids were not nearly as inclined to think of visiting the pool. Which made it easy to sit in our chairs guilt free for the entire day! But around 11 ish in the morning we had the singing mistroe enter our area and just start singing to us. He was actually pretty good but after he came for round 2 later on I was a little “over it”. He kind of just kept singing, and singing, and singing….then Donnovan got out the lids for drums which really encouraged the eager singer.
So anyway after a good while he decided it was time to move on and favor the neighbors with his songs….

And it finally did warm up and the kids did get to swim in the pool and at the Dunes.
I didn’t take my camera to the dunes but they loved playing in the clay pits and climbing the big dune hill.
Thanks to the dads who took them while us moms just enjoyed a little peace and quiet!
11 kids among the 3 of us! We couldn’t bribe one of them to get in the picture but look at those cute people! They are having a riot!

And Sophie had fun playing with this fish that someone else caught! She was very eager to poke it’s eyes and play with its mouth….Yuck!

Here is Jalen with his little friend Jack. Just warming up to dive back in that water.

And Suzy and Sophie were playing house….So sweet!

These little Hill Billy’s entertained us with a little skit that was so cute!

And to be part of this club you apparently had to wear your britches so high you had to open your zipper to blow your nose!!!

And man did we eat well!!! Chicken, Steak, Corn, Potatoes, Salads and Desserts….
The best thing about camping!Eating with the bugs!The men making the food….what a treat!

Here are all the kiddos now… Under the flag with their red white and blue pops.

And Good bye to a wonderful weekend filled with memories and full bellies!


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  1. Love love loved that weekend with you guys!!! Such a blast. We gotta do that again in the fall… you love fall camping???

  2. oh how she tilts her head when feeding "the baby"…priceless!


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