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The beauty of life

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I love the beauty of my creator…..He painted this out in my garden…..

And he designed this for me to enjoy….
And he made these most amazing tasty little berries that I like to slice over shortcake, pour some milk on and call it dinner.

And he made these little faces that I just love to kiss!

He is so wonderful to give me these simple reminders of his goodness in my life!

I have a couple other last of the school year pictures that I wanted to journal about….

Here were Sophie and her friends on the field trip we took to the mini golf….. what a great group of kids!

And my baby girl is graduating Kindergarten! What a fabulous first year! I am so proud of her hard work!

This is Sophia with her very good friend Nicole. She talked about her from day 1. I think they will be friends for a very long time!

And just so you know….
My son is a super star!!!
Yes, I know it’s every mothers dream but its the truth here!
He starred in a movie his teacher produced here at School with her class.
Then she so thoughtfully held a “red carpet” event in which the kids could parade in and wave to the paparazzi!
Here is the cool cat now!

Here he is signing autographs for the fans.

When we were trying to convince him it really was time to go he said, ” I can’t leave yet, there are still people wanting to see me”.

The boy has confidence!!!!
And then Jalen’s field trip to Chicago with Jason.

Look at those amazing guys! I love them so much! They had a great day with lots of cool things to see at the zoo and museum in Chicago!

Seriously, this boy climbs everything! Always has! The tallest place on the property is where he typically ends up…Just loves to be on top peering down! He loves science and things you can discover!

….. this was the souvenir he ended up with. I’m not saying that my lack of presence had anything to do with this purchase but…..

I would have Strongly encouraged something a little less spiky and rubbery.

Here he is with his teacher and Luke, the friend who was in Jalen’s group.

Seriously, couldn’t even take the rubber head off for the picture with the teacher????
It’s really okay. Someday when he loses all his hair he will be glad he has it!
I am so thankful for these days….Jalen keeps saying….”mom I don’t want to grow up”. I can appreciate that thought. I agree! I love having them right here where I can watch over them.
I know it won’t always be this way so I want to enjoy it today!
I miss being with them as much this summer….
for a season, I keep reminding myself….for a season!

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  1. FUNNY FUNNY rubbery spikey thingie that Dad let him get. I would have strongly encouraged something else as well…but wow what a funny picture it makes. 🙂 What a fun post Rose. Thanks for the reminder to appreciate all that we are blessed with. I'm thankful for YOU! And that you found camping spots for us!! YEAH for Rose.

  2. do you do blurb? (blog in a book) dealie? cuz i think this post belongs on a coffee table too! great pix!


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