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The dog breeder???

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So this afternoon Snicker’s the dog got herself a little boyfriend.
We are wanting to breed her and since she appears to be going into heat we got a neighbor dog who happens to be a Yorkie as well.
It was a brand new experience for me.
As I was growing up we had many, many dogs. They were outside dogs and they were….
to put it frankly…. quite loose!

The females were always breeding and we had many batches of part neighbor dogs. I remember my dad not being happy about this, in fact, one night I remember him trying to break up the “action” mid stream! It probably scarred me and that is why I can remember the yelping so well!

But this is a whole different kind of deal.
I am TRYING to get my dog bred and it feels kind of wrong.
Holding my dog in position so that another dog can have his way with her makes me feel guilty.
I washed my hands over and over. Just kind of makes me queasy!

But none the less it must happen in order to have those cute little puppies…. so I think I’ll bring little Jake back a number of times this week just to see if we can seal the deal!

Poor Snicker’s! She has no idea! We hope her offspring is nothing like her!
We don’t need 3 more hyper run-away dogs who chew up i pod earpieces!!!GRRRR!

Now that I think about it why in the World do we want to bring more of her into the World!


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  1. my eyes…my eyes…did you seriously just write that you had to HOLD her. yuck. now those little *you know whats* better do their job after that whole ordeal. bet she’ll make a good mama though…if she’s got all that kind of energy. r u going to post photos of your grandpuppies?☺

  2. Makes your 9-5 job seem like a cake walk doesn't it??

  3. Rose, That is just a little to much info=) Hopefully it will work. Just thinking of you holding the dog in postion makes me laugh. What do you think I will be thinking of next time I take a stroll through the bank and see your happy face.=) Have a wonderful week!

  4. Oh my! Never a dull moment!!


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