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The beauty of life

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I love the beauty of my creator…..He painted this out in my garden…..

And he designed this for me to enjoy….
And he made these most amazing tasty little berries that I like to slice over shortcake, pour some milk on and call it dinner.

And he made these little faces that I just love to kiss!

He is so wonderful to give me these simple reminders of his goodness in my life!

I have a couple other last of the school year pictures that I wanted to journal about….

Here were Sophie and her friends on the field trip we took to the mini golf….. what a great group of kids!

And my baby girl is graduating Kindergarten! What a fabulous first year! I am so proud of her hard work!

This is Sophia with her very good friend Nicole. She talked about her from day 1. I think they will be friends for a very long time!

And just so you know….
My son is a super star!!!
Yes, I know it’s every mothers dream but its the truth here!
He starred in a movie his teacher produced here at School with her class.
Then she so thoughtfully held a “red carpet” event in which the kids could parade in and wave to the paparazzi!
Here is the cool cat now!

Here he is signing autographs for the fans.

When we were trying to convince him it really was time to go he said, ” I can’t leave yet, there are still people wanting to see me”.

The boy has confidence!!!!
And then Jalen’s field trip to Chicago with Jason.

Look at those amazing guys! I love them so much! They had a great day with lots of cool things to see at the zoo and museum in Chicago!

Seriously, this boy climbs everything! Always has! The tallest place on the property is where he typically ends up…Just loves to be on top peering down! He loves science and things you can discover!

….. this was the souvenir he ended up with. I’m not saying that my lack of presence had anything to do with this purchase but…..

I would have Strongly encouraged something a little less spiky and rubbery.

Here he is with his teacher and Luke, the friend who was in Jalen’s group.

Seriously, couldn’t even take the rubber head off for the picture with the teacher????
It’s really okay. Someday when he loses all his hair he will be glad he has it!
I am so thankful for these days….Jalen keeps saying….”mom I don’t want to grow up”. I can appreciate that thought. I agree! I love having them right here where I can watch over them.
I know it won’t always be this way so I want to enjoy it today!
I miss being with them as much this summer….
for a season, I keep reminding myself….for a season!

I have been "Romin" this week

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I’ve been a little pre-occupied the past four months planning this little thing called Bible School….

We had a break for a couple of years and it seemed like people were energized to have one again. So I thought ….Shoot, why not plan it!

Now seriously, I have never directed Bible School before. I just love kids and I felt like someone just needed to get the ball rolling. So I got the hubs on board and we asked a couple to be our assistants.
Then I unrolled the plan….I wanted to do a “market place”. Oh, yeah, not only have I never directed Bible School but I have never been part of a “market place”…. But “who cares”?

So I ordered “Rome”.

And then I did the thing I do best…..I found(and when I say found I use that word loosely) people who I knew would do exceptional work and I talked, okay so maybe a couple of bribes, them into helping me:)!!!!
AND they did!!!!


Over 60 people signed up…and more called on Monday saying “do you still need help…we would love to help”!!!!

So here is Rome in a condensed version.

Here is our sanctuary while we were setting up… that stall over there… has real animals in it this week. A petting zoo right by the alter.
And of course we need a food booth…
With beautiful foods like these…and rat on a stick….which is actually chicken.

There are 10 different shops set up for the kids to go do craft or activities in.

Every night we have a drama happening in one of the areas the kids travel to.

And great “Olympic games” like these…Chariot races were the hit tonight.

And every night we spend time in Extollo…which means praise. We love praising our Jesus!

One of my highlights of the week has been watching the kids worship…they move me! I am honored to lead them and feel blessed to see their faces!

Here is Paul and Brutus. Paul is “in house arrest” and talks to the kids each night when they come visit him. After that they go to an underground church which happens to be in our creepy storage room downstairs. It’s pretty effective:)!

Here is Jalen with his friend Jate. They were “warming up” by the fire.
Here was one of the animals that we have.

And here is my friend Heather who brought my family dinner on Tuesday night! What a sweet friend. Oh and my sister in law, Shirley who did the decorating in the market…. brought us dinner for tomorrow! What a blessing to have a church that has been so supportive and has participated so whole hearted! I have seriously cried over the thought of how blessed I feel this week!

I think the whole amazing thing for me has been once again realizing that the church is never made up of just one person doing it all but rather all of us doing it for one person….Jesus.
I have been making it with his strength and the prayers of our support team.
Jason’s message on Sunday talked about living “on purpose”.
I know when I put my head on my pillow that even though I am exhausted I have lived on Purpose and that makes it all worth it!

He watches over You..

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His Eye is on the Sparrow….

Why should I feel discouraged? Why should the shadows fall? Why should my heart be lonely? and long for heaven and home. When Jesus is my portion. A constant friend is he….
For his eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me.

His eye is on the sparrow. And I know he watches me.

I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free.
For his eye is on the sparrow. And I know he watches me. Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable then them. Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Matt 6:26

Mackinaw Island

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On Memorial Weekend we took the kids and loaded up the RV to head North…Way North…As far North as our kids have ever been.

Mackinaw Island

What a lovely spot awaited us in Michigan.

This was one of my highlights….Tulips and Lilacs were in full bloom!

And any time we camp one of the first and most important things to do is hang the lights.

With a close second being….starting the fire. Our boys love this part of camping. That also means getting up early in the morning to help get the fire started. Jalen loves to do this!

Taking turns lighting the match. It’s a group effort apparently.

And as soon as that was done we ventured out to explore our campsite. It sat on the opposite side of the island so we could skip rocks right toward the island. What a BEAUTIFUL campsite!

Malaina taking in the view.

Jason teaching Micah how to skip a rock.

And the kids with Mackinaw bridge in the background.
The next morning we boarded the ferry that goes across to the island.
It was a pretty cold ride. We were glad not to be on the top.

We took our bikes on the ferry so we could ride them all over the island. Here was one of the first things that greeted us as we began our adventure.

Garbage pickup….

We had NO idea what kind of hills awaited us. There were very steep hills all over the island.

But one little munchkin didn’t care at all how steep those hills got…She started snoring several hours into it.

IT was time to stop and nourish these worn out bikers so we got some burgers and chili dogs at a little diner on Main Street.
A little sweetness from Sophie.

And a little squeeze from Malaina.

I know he felt the love:)!

What a fun time we had together. It felt so good to be away and the kids kept saying this is so cool! And….Thanks so much! That is what makes the effort worth it!
We knew this was one of those memory makers that they will cherish forever.
Yay for vacations!
Yay for a husband who wants to!
Yay for kids who appreciated it!
Yay for perfect weather!
What a life…
Makes me feel LUCKY TO BE ME!

The dog breeder???

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So this afternoon Snicker’s the dog got herself a little boyfriend.
We are wanting to breed her and since she appears to be going into heat we got a neighbor dog who happens to be a Yorkie as well.
It was a brand new experience for me.
As I was growing up we had many, many dogs. They were outside dogs and they were….
to put it frankly…. quite loose!

The females were always breeding and we had many batches of part neighbor dogs. I remember my dad not being happy about this, in fact, one night I remember him trying to break up the “action” mid stream! It probably scarred me and that is why I can remember the yelping so well!

But this is a whole different kind of deal.
I am TRYING to get my dog bred and it feels kind of wrong.
Holding my dog in position so that another dog can have his way with her makes me feel guilty.
I washed my hands over and over. Just kind of makes me queasy!

But none the less it must happen in order to have those cute little puppies…. so I think I’ll bring little Jake back a number of times this week just to see if we can seal the deal!

Poor Snicker’s! She has no idea! We hope her offspring is nothing like her!
We don’t need 3 more hyper run-away dogs who chew up i pod earpieces!!!GRRRR!

Now that I think about it why in the World do we want to bring more of her into the World!