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What have I learned from being a mother?

I have learned so many things….
Like how to laugh at knock knock jokes.
And how to kiss away sadness.
Or How to lace up shoes on a squirmy child.
And how to talk on the phone and communicate through sign language with my kids at the same time.
I have learned how to make dinner with one hand as my other one was busy pacifying a baby.
I have learned how to cry so hard at their pain that I thought I may stop breathing.
I have sat by them nursing them back to health or praying for their fever to break.
I have learned that parent teacher conferences can actually be harder for me as a mom then when I was a child.
I have never known such joy as watching my child overcome their fear and conquer something they thought they could never do.
I have learned how to hold my laughter when I want to laugh out loud cause something they say is so “cute”.
I have become fairly capable at carpooling and schedule juggling.
I have learned that hair isn’t as important as it used to be.
I have become more understanding of others who struggle with a strong willed child.
I have learned how to ignore some things that really aren’t worth the battle.
I have learned that a clean house isn’t as important as playing a game of UNO.
I have learned how to negotiate, mediate and judge all in one afternoon.
I have learned that my mood usually effects the whole family.
I have learned that I can trust God with my kids….they are his first!
I have learned how to be a problem solver.
I am learning how to listen more and speak less when we have conversations.
I have learned what it means to love someone so much I would give my life up for them.

And the thing is…..
I am not even half done yet!
I have so much more to learn and yet when I look at what I have learned through these years, The experiences I have had because of these wonderful little people I have been blessed to raise …
I would not trade one day for what I have been given!

I feel blessed today to be the mom of
Malaina, Jalen, Micah and Sophia!


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  1. Oh man girl…you HIT IT ON THE NOSE!!!! Your post made me teary-eyed!!! LOVE it.Jamie

  2. i’ve seen a lot of tributes and words written about being a mom over the years…this one was absolutely beautiful. what an incredible way to describe so many of the things other moms feel/face too!”I have learned that hair isn’t as important as it used to be”…..neither are showers!! ☺

  3. What a great list of things you’ve learned.And you’ll be adding way more to that list when your oldest one gets her learner’s permit!!!Melanie@Bella~Mella

  4. Rose you are such a good mama!!! Great thoughts great words.


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