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Kristin and Tyler

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My friend Kristin got married this weekend. Isn’t she so beautiful.

Do you ever think about the fact that people younger then you always seem to grow up fast?

This sweet girl has grown into this lovely lady~

These ladies mean so much to me. I am so grateful to have friends like these.

Here are the lovely sisters Kristin and Bethany. I always love to watch the groom’s expression when he can finally spot his brides face. Tyler did not disappoint. You could tell he was visibly moved by his most beautiful lady!

Here are some shots of the reception….

Here is Sophie with our friend Al.

And Jason and Malaina~

Here I am with the princess….

One really interesting fact about Tyler is that his grandparents are the founder’s and owners of Hobby Lobby. Oh yeah, one of my most favorite stores~
I tried to get in tight with the “hob lob’s” but they were busy with the cheesecake. I mean by the end they were promising all kinds of lamps, photo frames and silks just to get a little peace.
Of course not really, I would never be that obnoxious..heh heh!
What a meaningful ceremony and fun reception! I am so glad to have friends like Kristin and Tyler!

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  1. Rose, Thanks for posting pictures!!! I was so sorry we missed that wedding. I bet the wedding/reception was just beautiful. Your whole family looks great!!!! The bride and groom look beyond beautiful. Hug hug.

  2. She IS a beautiful bride! And beautiful pictures of your friends and family from the reception – I love the one with you and your princess. 🙂 Hobby Lobby! One of my faves ever! I can’t go in there too often because I am tempted to buy out the entire store, but it is always a treat to look.


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