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It’s our wedding day….15 years later!

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As I reflect over the past 15 years I am completely amazed at how fast those years have gone! I remember on that day feeling like I knew this guy so well! Like there was nothing more to learn about him. I loved him so much ~ we had hardly even fought. And I just couldn’t wait to spend every waking minute with him.
And although I still enjoy spending lots of time with him I realized soon after that big day that I really knew very little about him. I realized that the love that I felt for him then did not compare to the love I felt for him 7 years into our marriage, after 3 kids and lots of fights. After feeling his forgiveness and patience. After having my own opportunities to forgive him and learning how to live with someone I may not always “like” but have committed to.
I am so grateful to be on a journey with my best friend. I am so thankful especially today that he is truly a team player. I have realized that once again with this new, very consuming job. I absolutely could not do this without him.
I look forward to many more years with this wonderful man!

Having Trouble…

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Hey…I know I haven’t closed it off yet.
I was just a little bit concerned about a couple of you.
If you can’t get through that email leave a comment and let me know. I will try to get you on yet.

I’ll leave it open a couple more days just to make sure. I Don’t want to leave you out if you want to be added.
So far I have approved everyone who asked so if you didn’t recieve an invite let me know so I can resend it.
Okay my friends? Okay!

Try this

Spring my Fair You have arrived!!!

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I think I could write a song about my love for it!

I love the smells!
I love being able to leave my front door open!
I love the colors that are starting to slowly come up out of the earth.
I love that I can go out without a coat.
I love That my children can entertain themselves for hours outside.
I love tinkering around in my garden seeing what is starting to show signs of life.
I love opening my windows.
I love Easter and all it represents!
I love the songs of spring!~For the beauty of the Earth

I love the birds with their fat tummy’s.

I love the buds on the trees.
I love that the sun shines.
I love that it signifies the end of the deadness!
I think I love it more since we have hard winters.

Here is my front porch re-do for spring
I will add real plants and flowers as summer gets close.

Here is my season shelf that sits up high.

I think It may be my favorite season of all.

What’s your favorite season?

Who’s got all the answers?

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I have come to dislike pat answers. Things that people say that sound “right” but robotic.
Like they themselves don’t really believe it but it sounds like what they are supposed to think.

Let me just interject that I have from time to time been guilty of this.
I think it’s mostly out of fear.
Fear that if I say what I really think I may be rejected.
Fear that I may offend God.
Fear that I may cause someone to spiral off into a deep dark hole if I don’t think up something encouraging to say, quickly!

Unfortunately I think we the Church are particularly good at “Pat’s”.
We want to encourage each other.
We want to be positive and say things like “it will all work out”.
But the truth is…Sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes we experience great loss and at those very tender times we don’t need to hear someone say…”all things work together for good to those who love God.”
However true the words may be. Sometimes they may sound like a clangy gong if my heart is broken.

Instead maybe we could say….
“I can’t understand God. I’m not going to pretend like I do. I don’t get why this is happening to you. I know that you have experienced a sorrow so deep it feels like you won’t ever be okay again. All I can say is, I don’t understand it! And I feel sorrow with you!
How about you and I go to God together and ask him to show us the way through this.”

Sometimes people aren’t always ready to even go to God because of the anger they have.
Sometimes they need our faith to carry them.
Our prayers.
Our love.
Not our well meaning one liners.

So this is a reminder to myself today…God wants me to care for people. Not try to be the great physician…instead show them the way to him. He is after all the true healer!

And besides….Let’s face it he’s the only one with all the answers!

Miss Malaina’s Cookie Factory

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Do you know how fun it is when your kids start making the food?
I have so enjoyed watching my little girl grow and blossom into this responsible, warm young lady!
She isn’t all that jazzed about cleaning her room…..but she loves to bake!
I think maybe she may have inherited some of my gene pool on these particular items.

She loves….LOVES…making chocolate chip cookies and the wonderful thing is…she is really awesome at it! She has even showed some of her friends how to make them when they come over!
She has been making our cookies since about the 4th grade. It started with me showing her how a number of times, letting her do it with my supervision, while I handled the stove, to …the last year doing it completely on her own!
It took a little patience to begin with but the results are great!
She made cookies for lunches this week!

Here she is sharing one of her beauties with her little Brother.

Family systems are so important! I believe it not only helps us as parents out but it makes the kids feel like part of this unit!

Another thing we started doing on a more regular basis this winter is having what I call
a “one hour clean”. On Saturday’s I set my timer for one hour, we then try to get as much work as possible done in that hour and then they are free to play the rest of the day!

I can not believe all that gets done in that hour! It is amazing!
I have more time to relax with them the rest of the day without guilt riding on my shoulders for all that needs to get done. And we have a clean house and folded laundry!

Do you have ideas to share how you have included your kids in responsibilities around the house? Love to hear them!

The Marathon

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I heard someone once say, “Motherhood should not be thought of as a 100 yard dash but rather as a Marathon.”
I love that concept.
Not just about Mothering but anything I do in life.
The idea that I should not expect everything to happen in one day.
That a good thing can’t be rushed. That all things should be cherished and savored.

I was inspired with this line from the movie, “The prize Winner of Defiance Ohio”.
The Mother, Evelyn’s car had broken down out in the middle of no where. Her daughter was driving her to a destination that Evelyn had longed to go for years.
But instead of getting angry about her situation, Evelyn looked at her daughter and said, “I had intended to get to this meeting but right now I am able to spend a delightful time talking with my feisty girl Tuft, and I intend to enjoy this moment I have been given”.

Living in the moment regardless of what brought us to this moment.

I have for the last 13+ years been given an opportunity to mother my children as a stay at home mom.
It has been a gift to me and my kids.
I loved most days but I am sad to say that there were too many days when I saw my life as dull as dish water!
I had some days that we were gone so much I didn’t really feel like a “Stay at home mom”.
And then there were those moments when I sat down with my little guys to play, or snuggle with them for a nap and I remember vividly thinking , “I don’t ever want to forget this”.

Now my race seems to be taking a different turn and I am getting ready to take up the baton to run something that will look a little different.

After Sophie left for school last fall I wondered about what I would do to fill my time during the day. I have been volunteering at school but it seems I have “extra time” during the day.
I enjoy the flexibility but I often feel like I want more.
I have wondered what more I could be doing.
J and I have talked a lot about what job I could be doing. I have thrown around a lot of ideas but none seemed like a possibility.
With our county having a job unemployment rate of 15+% right now things looked pretty slim.

As I have been seeking God for direction in this,
I decided one week, this is the week I am going to go look for something.
So I got dressed up, went to my local bank and asked “Are you hiring”?
“Well yes, we are! You can fill out your application from home”!

I went through a series of interviews and as I left the last interview this is what I heard. “We have about 10 more people to interview but I will let you know by next week”.

I left for Florida thinking I would never see her again.

In my head this is what I heard:
You have no banking experience
You couldn’t find any professional references and
there are other people wanting this job who probably meet both of those requirements.

While in Florida I got several calls asking me if I could find anyone like a teacher I volunteer for who could be my reference.

I gave them one… and an hour later I got a call back offering me the position.

I have been so completely blown away by the whole thing. I will be 3 minutes from my house and J is flexible enough that he can cover when I am gone.

Only time will tell how it will work out for us but for right now I feel like this is a gift.

An opportunity to grow and be stretched in all kinds of ways.

I am hopefully optimistic about this new turn.

I think it’s so easy to identify myself by roles I am in.
I really don’t want to get caught up in finding my identity in any role.
But rather thinking of this as my service to God, my family and now my employer.

Once again, I am humbled that what seems impossible with man is always possible with God!

Pray for us as we adjust to all that goes with change.
I am wondering if blogging will be a thing of my past….I will just have to wait and see….

Do you work full time? What have you found helpful or not?
Do you do a lot of meal prep ahead of time? What about cleaning?
How do you stay organized?
Lots of questions…..Lots of questions…..

Google me up

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Okay so have you all done this little game…

It’s really quite funny. I saw this idea on some other blogs.
If you have a couple extra minutes you should try it.

Just google your name and then type needs. ie: “Rose needs”

Pick the first ten(at least if they make sense) and write them down.

Here are mine…..

1. Rose needs you.
Okay so that seems innocent enough

2.Rose needs some help.
I hear amen’s being shouted across America.

3. Rose needs cash to fund a legal team.
I hope this isn’t a prophetic statement.

4. Rose needs anger management.
Maybe this is why I need the legal team!

5. Rose needs an oxygen mask to get through gigs.
Well, now, wouldn’t that be nice….never have to worry about proper breath support again:)!

6. Please help us with Rose’s needs.
If I seem a little needy don’t hate me!

7. Rose needs a horse.
I knew that I was missing something!

8. Rose needs stitches after a bedtime accident.
Don’t even wanna go there…..I’m just sayin!

9. Rose needs your love.
Desperately after 1-8!

10. Rose needs a refill on flicker.
Now I need to google “flicker” to find out what that is!

What a riot! Jason’s were even better!

Let me See… what other name could I google…..