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Florida Fun

This is what I’m doing this week.


We are having a wonderful time in Florida! We have laughed so much~

You guys are so great! Thanks for all your wonderfully sweet comments! I am so humbled by your kindness!!!!

Remember it’s not too late to sign up on my 100th post!:)


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  1. ‘Looks like you got a little sun! Is that a grouper sandwich…or chicken? Melanie@Bella~Mella

  2. oh mr. sun…i ♥ u. and miss you today!that sweet sun kissed look on your face makes me sigh. but happy you are enjoying such a wonderful spot w/ people you love!

  3. I am SOOOOO glad you are having so much fun!!!!! Jamie

  4. Looks like one pair of feet still needs to get painted Rose…I'll trust you will get that done tonight! 🙂 Love your sun kissed sweet face. I'm so jealous. Looks like a ton of fun. <3We will miss you at small group tonight.

  5. Oh…this looks like heaven. Truly. I love the beach more than any other place…we used to go to FL every year when I was growing up. Cannot wait to see more pics when you get back!

  6. It was chicken….but I did have grouper this week too:) Don’t you just love My big mouth….OH MY! I must’ve been in a mood when I posted that!:)


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