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Love is in the air….

Valentines Day is 2 days away and you know what I have been doing this evening.

I have been frantically making boxes and cards, cupcakes and frosting for parties tomorrow!
Micah and Sophie both were easy. They went for the “pre-made” cards and made their bags at the beginning of the week.
My two older children however, announced about 7:04 p.m. that they wanted to make cards and boxes yet tonight.ARGGGGGGG! Big disappointment to the mom!
I want my kids to have cute, well thought out cards. Not some brain storm that we create in 1 hour. But you know what…..

They did okay. Aren’t these cards that Malaina made cute as can be?

With a lot of help from the whole family they both got their cards and box made.

Between whipping these bad boys up(never mind the glue stuck to my fingers from the crafts)
We got it all accomplished in an hour and a half.
And still had time left for some snuggles and bedtime stories.
This guy is so goofy. He said he had to warm up his lips for some fast reading…So he started purring and getting those lips ready to read….then he just read as fast as he could. After his “Fast read” he wanted to quiz Sophie about what she learned from the story. She just kept giggling.
So fun!

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  1. Daddies and their little girls are the best! Those big tough guys just melt…

  2. Those “bad boys” look pretty sweet. Enjoyed seeing the sweet faces of your family, too.Melanie@Bella~Mella

  3. Too cute! Love the homemade Valentines!! I think most moms were busy baking, frosting, and Valentining last night!!


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