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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Mr Golden Sun….

So this is a small window into last week. I can’t tell you how lucky I felt to be me! My sister was so kind to share a little piece of heaven with the rest of us. We stayed at her home but had this beach access from their condo. It was Glorious!

And this is pretty much what we did. We sat around during the day…. Talking and laughing… and evenings consisted of shopping and eating out.

What more can a girls week of vacation include?

Here we are our very first night of all being together. Cindy, Shirley, Me, Regina and my mom.

And later in the week….once again eating out….

My aunt Fran and my uncle Wayne live in the same town so we spent some time with them this eve.

We laughed so hard an elderly lady came by us on the way out and said “That’s how we act when we get loaded too”.
Seriously folks, all it takes is water for us:)!

Here is Wayne completely shocked at the ladies. He loved….L.O.V.E.D every minute of it!!!!
He wanted to go out every night after this:)! What a great sport!

And here we are by the statue of “Sweet Surrender”. We were missing our men a lot!

What a wonderful memory for my head!

And I am so glad for a wonderful man that was able to keep things going back here!

On a different note….I have some HUGE changes coming in the next several weeks. I will talk more about it in upcoming posts.

My life is about to take a new twist. You’ll have to tune back in later for that.
For tonight I have a winner to announce!!!
The winner of the chocolates is…..
The winner is #17
ANNA….You are my lucky chocolate winner!!!!
YEAH for you! They are heavenly!
Can you contact me so I can contact you?:)
Thank you once again for all your sweet comments!

I love you back!


Florida Fun

This is what I’m doing this week.


We are having a wonderful time in Florida! We have laughed so much~

You guys are so great! Thanks for all your wonderfully sweet comments! I am so humbled by your kindness!!!!

Remember it’s not too late to sign up on my 100th post!:)

Milestones and a give away

Hey Bloggy Friends guess what…….

ThIs Is My 100Th PoSt!!!!!!

I started this little blog up in September after reading blogs for the first time ever!

I know~I live a sheltered life!

I loved it instantly! I Love the fact that I can write what’s on my heart. Maybe it’s fun, or deep, or painful or creative… An outlet~
I plan on printing what I’ve written into a book for safe keeping. You know….my own journal.

I have considered quitting from time to time.

There are various reasons.
Sometimes it’s REALLY easy to compare my blog with others. And when I do that it always makes me feel like the loser!

Some people have blogs that are so amazing they look like a real author….well actually some of them are real authors.

And then some people are so funny I seriously think they may write comedy for other people….I’ve considered paying them to write for me.

And then of course there are blogs who put up one sentence like
“Hey, I’m eating chicken tonight”.
And they get like 1,203 comments! Unbelievable!

But mostly, I think it’s because I really dislike being misunderstood.

If I am misunderstood in person at least I have the chance to explain it. On my blog I have no way of knowing if people are even reading it, and if they are, what are they thinking about it.

Your comments are so helpful in letting me know your feedback!

I love that!

Speaking of which….Thank you so much for all your comments on “the bachelor”! It was one of those posts that I was very nervous to write. I don’t want to be judgemental and I recognize a post like that can come across in that way!

I loved your insights, honesty, and am glad to know I am not alone.

Well, as a celebration that I did make it to 100 I feel this pressure to have some kind of give-away!

Everyone loves free stuff!

And I want you to know how much I appreciate you, my friends from all over!

My friend Jana makes these AMAZING chocolates. She left some on my porch this week. Just in time to put on a little extra padding before I get in my swim suit in Florida!

I loved them so much I asked her if I could give a box of these away for my 100th post!

So if you like Chocolate you better sign up for this tasty little treat!!!!

Just leave me a comment below and I will randomly pick a person on Saturday, Feb 28.

I am spending a week in Florida with my mom,sister and 2 sister in laws. My one sister in law will not be joining us. We are sorry for that.

But we are looking forward to a wonderful week of the beach,eating out, no schedule and basically just connecting in ways we aren’t usually able to do! YEAH!

So when I get home next weekend I will get right on the give-away!


Hugs from me~ Thanks for your friendship!

Sophia Grace

To my Sweet Sophie,
How can I begin to tell you how thankful I am to have you in my life! You were born today 6 years ago. I can’t believe how quickly you have changed!
You were such a beauty right from the start!
Perfect in every way….except the sleeping thing. You didn’t care much for it to start with!
We knew there was something missing in our family and so when you came along we knew what it was….you! You have made our family complete.
This is you just hours old. What a precious, precious gift! And the smiley little baby at 6 months.
You have known what you like from the start.
Your name means queenly one.
We believe we got it right when we named you this.
You are a wonderful mixture of sweet and spunk.
You have a love for people and relationship and we could tell this even at this tender age of 1!

You finally did start sleeping more….And what a sweet sight to see you sleeping~with your little snore to let us know you truly are catching some zzzzz.

One thing you request every night without fail is that we would pray that Jesus would be the Lord of your thoughts and dreams. If we fail to mention it we can be sure that we will get a visit from you in our bed about 1/2 hour later asking if we forgot that.

What a little princess….you love to wear dresses and makeup. And you have found that playing pretend by yourself is very fulfilling. You can tell all the dolls what to do. Finally you aren’t the one getting “bossed” around.
You really didn’t know how to play this handheld game but that doesn’t stop you! Simply feeling like you are one of the bigger kids and flipping the switch on was reward enough.

Here you and I are last year in Flordia. What a special trip~Just you and me with aunt Cindy. Going to visit Grandma and Gramps. Our time together will always be a special memory for me.

And here you are on your birthday. What a little lady you are growing up to be. I am so proud to call you mine.

The cry of my heart for you dear Sophie is that you will always know you are loved. Not just by me and daddy but by the God of the Universe.

The one who knit you together.

The one who has called your name. You have received him already into your heart.

When others let you down you can always know that you are loved by The King. You are his princess! He dances over you with singing!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I am so glad you are in my life!


The Bachelor

I don’t watch much evening television, unless it’s a news story or something really boring like that. But last night Jason was gone so I decided to watch some of those shows I hear people raving over. I don’t feel like I am an “out of touch” female.

I love fashion.

I like to think I dress and talk like I live in this decade.

In particular the show “the bachelor” just turned my stomach.

I haven’t seen the show for years but as I watched it I was a bit nauseous at the whole idea that all these girls strive to get this one man’s attention before an audience of millions.

They do private interviews about how they are finally opening up to him. And maybe for the first time they can tell him they love him.

The whole idea that they would be willing to sell themselves for this one guy in order to be the winner of the show feels like they have no respect for themselves.

Giving their most precious things…Their bodies, Their hearts, Their souls.

I keep thinking about this: what if my little girl was that girl?

If some guy took their heart and body like that and then rejected them in the end…. I would want to do some very unlovely things to the young man.

I keep thinking about the girls themselves….

They are real people. I think that is easy to forget. Sometimes it seems like they are actors.

How do they feel as they leave brokenhearted?

Do they feel cared for and loved? (I just wanted to hug that poor girl in the limo)

And the Winner….It is my understanding that even the winner often doesn’t end up marrying the guy. That it usually doesn’t work out.

So she, at some point, even loses!

I recognize they make the choice to be on the show.

But do I perpetuate this by being a part of the viewing audience?

I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I want to be relevant in this world but I don’t want to be a part of applauding the sin in it.

Am I alone in this?

My intent is not to judge you if you watch the show.

It is to judge the SHOW.

It is just my questioning mind wondering if other friends in the blogger world sense this same thing…. or am I just way out there?

Am I missing something? Tell me what you think? I am open to hearing all sides.

Valentine my Valentine Will you be mine?

After all the parties and sugar highs we had our own little celebration at home. By the way see those flowers? My guy was so thoughtful! I love the flowers, but I love him even more!

On Friday night we spent the night with our children. We fondue with cheese dip. And then Chocolate for dessert. Yum-Mo!!!!!

I made homemade pretzels and cut them up in bite size pieces. We had ham and veggies with this. The pretzels were definitely the fave!

And then for dessert we had this fruit plate with Chocolate. I simply put about 2 cups heavy cream in a kettle, add about 2-3 cups melting chocolate and 1/2 c. cocoa powder. Stir until no more lumps.

And then on Saturday night we had a couples dinner at church. Here we are with our friends at our table….We laughed a lot. It was so fun!

Up top is Corinna and Wayne, Below is Karen and Dave and Carol and Don. Good times. Great memories.
Paul and Grace were the entertainment for the night. I used to sing with them years ago. They were great.
I loved seeing them again.
And hallelujah for a great friend who watched Sophie!
My friend Carla babysat for around 15 kids because her husband was out of town so she couldn’t come anyway!
Isn’t that so, so, sweet?!
Everyone needs a friend like Carla!
There is something so fun about serving those I love the most.
I get a big thrill out of it!
And my family doesn’t seem to mind that I like to do it!

Love is in the air….

Valentines Day is 2 days away and you know what I have been doing this evening.

I have been frantically making boxes and cards, cupcakes and frosting for parties tomorrow!
Micah and Sophie both were easy. They went for the “pre-made” cards and made their bags at the beginning of the week.
My two older children however, announced about 7:04 p.m. that they wanted to make cards and boxes yet tonight.ARGGGGGGG! Big disappointment to the mom!
I want my kids to have cute, well thought out cards. Not some brain storm that we create in 1 hour. But you know what…..

They did okay. Aren’t these cards that Malaina made cute as can be?

With a lot of help from the whole family they both got their cards and box made.

Between whipping these bad boys up(never mind the glue stuck to my fingers from the crafts)
We got it all accomplished in an hour and a half.
And still had time left for some snuggles and bedtime stories.
This guy is so goofy. He said he had to warm up his lips for some fast reading…So he started purring and getting those lips ready to read….then he just read as fast as he could. After his “Fast read” he wanted to quiz Sophie about what she learned from the story. She just kept giggling.
So fun!