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Every family needs one….A coffee snob!

We just had a little fun on Sunday evening eating some chips and ranch with cookie mud slides on the side…..

This is my brother Steve and his beautiful wife Regina.

They are really cool!

I mean they are so cool they even own their own coffee roasting business!

And they make really good drinks at their little coffee shop!

They are what I affectionately call, “Coffee Snobs”. That’s right, there, I said it!

Seriously, this woman knows a good coffee by the smell.

It is truly a gift!

And they know that I’m kidding about them being snobs….right guys;)??

So we just took the kiddo’s out for a little bit of fun to break up this freezing cold January night.

And then as we are sitting there my cousin Renee and her husband Stacy walk past…..

So I thought they really should be photographed as well.

It was a happening night on the town:) Even if it was Sunday night and even if it was 3 out!

Nothing big tonight…just a little lightness …and if you were wondering…

we didn’t order coffee!


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  1. This is too funny! Sadly I don’t drink coffee, I know I know how do I function in the mornings, do cookies count as a morning pick me up?:)Rachel

  2. That was hilarious! I don’t drink coffee either, but love to frequent Starbucks for their other goodies. I do love a good hot tea! The smell of coffee brewing or sitting in the coffee pot makes my stomach do weird things.

  3. I am married to a coffee snob or coffahiloc, he likes only coffeecake flavored whole bean that is ground fresh right before it is brewed. I buy it from a company in PA called Fasigs. How fun to have a coffee shop in your family, U are up there in the world girl!

  4. You are funny Rose. πŸ™‚ Good ideas….we gotta do something to pass all this time inside. One complaint with the blog. However cool those 3 litle squares are in a row….I can’t see the pictures well enough. Can you add them at the bottom in full size. Really I’m not high maintence at all.

  5. Heather…here’s a tip….click on the pics and they get bigger:)

  6. Got it Rose. Just did that. Now I can see those cute pictures real well. πŸ™‚ Your great. Thanks for helping your simple friend.

  7. Great pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time! I enjoy a good cup of decaf now and then, but I am finding myself going and getting a cup of hot tea at some of the non-chain places when I can just to keep them around! Coffee houses are such wonderful places to meet up and share great conversation!

  8. You are so funny!!! I have a question about the last post, what is the title of Kevin Lehman’s book?

  9. Looks like I have a bunch of non coffee drinking friends:)! See if I can bring you over to the dark side….Start with Chi. It’s not pronounced,Chia, as in the pet…It’s Chi,long i~ Yummy hot tea!:) For the comment about the name of kevin Lehmans book. It’s Talking Turkey with your kids about sex (something like that, I loaned out the book so I don’t have the title right in front of me.)

  10. You have one gorgeous blessed family! and you are adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog! God Bless you!Ruthann

  11. I was scrolling down reading your post and all of a sudden there was my sister. What a surprise! Scott always buys me coffee from Steve and Regina for every special occasion. Currently I am drinking my Christmas coffee – caramel vanilla.

  12. Guess I would be a Keurig coffee maker snob. :)Melanie@Bella~Mella

  13. I WAS wondering if you ordered coffee. I would have been up all night. :)What a fun night~love the pics. Such happy faces!

  14. Hi,Thanks for asking about us. Things are very abnormal/stressful for us during this recovery time. OFM is undergoing hyperbaric treatments daily. I just backspaced the “story of my days.” Suffice it to say God is good and a new day is coming.Melanie@Bella~Mella


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